Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Karen Mok - Photo Shoot

Karen Mok met with the media to coincide with her concert tour.
CNNGo: Karen Mok: Single, happy and unashamedly 40.



duriandave said...

Nice pics! Did you see this interview with her?

dleedlee said...

Wow, how'd I miss that? Thanks, I'll add it to the post, too.

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Wow. Just wow. She's 40? Thanks for posting all the pics. And to think I wasn't much of a Karen Mok fan until recently!

dleedlee said...

I think it was either Fallen Angels or the Young and Dangerous films when I first noticed Karen Mok.

Lately, I've been converting some old LDs to DVD and rediscovered some neat stuff. Today, inspired by this post, I pulled out a Karen Mok MV/OK disc from around 1999.

On another LD I was watching this week, a Leslie Cheung concert, who do I see but both Shu Kei and Karen Mok on stage for Auld Lang Syne during New Year's Eve! I don't think I had noticed them before. They were probably guest performers but got cut due to the usual label issues. This would have been around the Viva Erotica era.

And finally one more: On a Leslie Cheung MV/OK compilation disc both Karen Mok and Shu Kei played characters in separate videos.

Glenn, kenixfan said...

There's a great, upbeat MV from Karen on this VCD I got in HK. But the player hooked up to my computer won't play the disc so I can't upload anything from it. It's on a greatest hits before she signed to Sony (?) and it's outside and very poppy and mainstream.

I remember watching So Close and thinking that I didn't like Karen that much. Not until I finally got around to King of Comedy did I start to warm up, I think.

duriandave said...

I first noticed Karen in Fallen Angels -- pretty hard to ignore her there! After that it was either Viva Erotica or God of Cookery, both stand-out performances.

Walter said...

I liked Karen's characters in "So Close" and "The God of Cookery". :)

She must really take care of herself! :) Ageless beauty. :)