Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12.29.2010 - News

CRI: "The Kidnapped" Premieres in Jackie Chan's Cinema
"The Kidnapped" [aka The Kidnap] centers on two young women named Nana and Lin Bingqi who aspire to become famous singers. Nana becomes an overnight superstar after sleeping with her boss. As Lin Bingqi looks very much like Nana, the agent, gangster leader and the investor want to take advantage of the girl. The film reflects on some showbiz industry scandals in recent years.

Infernal Affairs" director Andrew Lau helms the film, which will premiere in January.

Hong Kong version of poster for If You Are the One 2
There are up to 20 product placements for white wine, mobile phones, insurance, hotel, autos, airlines, mobile phones, etc. (Sina), 2

New Shaolin poster and trailer released at press conference in Beijing (Dec.28)

Fan Bingbing, Jackie Chan
Benny Chan, Fan Bingbing, Jackie Chan

Let the Bullets Fly posters accused of plagiarism. Reporters and netizens are noticing that posters created by a Beijing advertising company bear semblance to posters for Hollywood films. Other examples, such as Welcome to Shamatown, Midnight Beating, and Future Cops were cited.

The popularity and success of Jiang Wen's Let the Bullets Fly has led to a re-release of his earlier film The Sun Also Rises. (Sina)

 Kelly Chen was Andy Lau's guest singer for last night's 9th concert

Kelly Chen

Photos from Andy's 8th concert show
Lady in red

Guest performer Sally Yeh

Karen Mok

Gigi Leung

Maggie Cheung's recent Olay advert

Aarif Lee (Aarif Rahman) is becoming an endorsement darling.
Here, he is pitching for a 3D video game.

Aaron and Iris

MC Hot Dog, Edison Chen promote his CD Confusion while sitting on toilets.


beyondasiaphilia said...

re: Andy Lau. I can't get enough of Andy in the giant shoe. Thanks! Fun to see him with all of the stars past & present as guests, too. I wonder who he'll bring out next.

dleedlee said...

Yeah, it's a great prop, but no socks! :D