Monday, December 13, 2010

12.13.2010 - News

CRI: Keanu Reeves Invests in Chinese Action Film
Previously [10.21.2009], [10.14.2009]

FBA: Seediq Bale sets Sep 2011 campaign

FBA: Beijing launches major new film event
Beijing International Film Festival to debut in April 2011

CRI: 'If You Are the One 2' Gets Poetic Ending
Huayi Brothers, the film's production company, released the movie's closing song "Zui Hao Bu Xiang Jian" ("Best Not to Meet"), saying its lyrics were taken from Tsangyang Gyatso's poem "Shi Jie Shi" ("Ten Nots Poem").

The work is split into two obvious parts, the styles and plots of which are in complete contrast, as if coming from two different writers. Later as I found out, they actually did.
Shortly after the film's premiere last week, scriptwriter Gao Xuan complained on her weibo (local version of twitter) that despite the fact that she, Chen and another writer had worked on the script for the first half of the film, she was only credited for "early-stage script composition" instead of "scriptwriter."

Sha Yi, Yao Chen, Yan Ni
Cast members Xiao Jian, Ni Hongjie

Yao Chen sports new shorter hair at press conference for My Own Swordsman opening January 26.

Francis Ng attending a charity activity for autistic children organized by the One Foundation.
Francis donated a private collection of calligraphy and paintings.
Maggie Cheung at the closing ceremony of the Marrakech International Film Festival

Faye Wong will hold 3 concerts in Hong Kong on March 4 -6. Half of the songs will be in Cantonese. (Sina)

The 50-year-old stuntman-turned-director also denied rumours that his school is a scam to take money from those who hope to break into the industry.


Anonymous said...

Francis Ng continues to rehabilitate his image--blog post soon on his eventful year.

dleedlee said...

Cool, I'll look forward to it. I was tempted to splurge and pick up Tracing Shadow on sale at yesasia this week but it didn't make the cut line. :D