Thursday, December 2, 2010

12.02.2010 - News

Variety: The Dreams of Jinsha
"The Dreams of Jinsha" marks mainland China's stride into bigtime animation.

A lightly subversive rom-com about a female stalker, with a fine lead performance from newcomer Joanna Dong.
Best feature film, best performance by actor; Last Train Home best documentary feature film

Latest poster for If You Are the One 2

I Love Hong Kong's Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng, Tony Leung Ka-Fai

Aarif Lee, Fala Chen
Aarif Lee reportedly replaced Raymond Lam Fung in the cast because of his poor acting. The addition of Aarif Lee was dubbed a 'reunion' with mother (Sandra Ng, Echoes of the Rainbow) and father (Tony Leung, Bruce Lee, My Brother).

Producer Ng See-Yuen, Kara Hui and Bai Jing promote Kung Fu Wing Chun at a Taipei press conference. The film opens in Taiwan December 10.
Kara Hui

Bai Jing, Kara Hui

Bai Jing, Ng See-Yuen, Kara Hui

Wang Quan'an (right) deployed over 2,000 extras to shoot crowd scenes for White Plain Deer in the old city of Yuci, Shanxi. White Plain Deer stars Zhang Fengyi, Zhang Yuqi and Duan Yihong.

Photos posted on Weibo of both Chen Kun and Zhou Xun wearing black hats led to speculations that the two are a couple.
Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Doze Niu, Mavis Fan

Zhou Xun, Mavis Fan
Zhao Wei as a spokesperson for a jewelry brand

This being her first media conference after her comeback, the press was subjected to many rules and regulations. They were requested to not ask questions that are not related to the movie and that the star would only reply questions in Mandarin. The actress also later requested to have photos taken with co-star Louis Koo only, ignoring other cast members like Raymond Wong, Yan Ni, Chapman To and Lynn Hung.
MSN: Selina Jen hopes to return home this Chinese New Year
After her skin grafting surgery, the singer began pronunciation and vital capacity exercises under instruction of the doctor
After Hou's announced September wedding date lapsed without any wedding bells, and was later pushed back twice for various reasons, rumours were rife that the bride-to-be had gotten cold feet as 34-year-old Huang, a bank officer, earned far less than she did.


duriandave said...

I was curious about Joanna Dong and found hers cool Mandarin version of "Afro Blue". She's got a great voice!

Here's her website.

dleedlee said...

Nice! Just noticed that song was composed by Mongo Santamaria. My brother used to have some of his LPs and I remember enjoying listening to them. :D

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Okay, all the posters for If You Are The One 2 say it comes out on 22 December. However, the movie theater website in HK says 13 January.

Please don't tell me that HK would not release this until 13 January! I am looking forward to seeing this in a theater in HK in a matter of weeks (along with Let The Bullets Fly and Sacrifice!)

dleedlee said...

That's probably right. Most of my posts are from Mainland sourced. A few mainland films are day and date with HK but unless it's an HK film I'd presume that the dates are Mainland only. Sorry.