Friday, December 3, 2010

12.03.2010 - News

CRI: Jet Li Practices Tai Chi in New Movie

CRI: 'The Green Hornet' Arrives in Spain

Poster for Lee's Adventures starring Jaycee Chan
Jaycee Chan is filming Lee's Adventure in Guangzhou. The film is an adaptation of a 2009 animated film of the same title. Jaycee plays a young man who because of an illness has enhanced senses that allows him to travel through time and space(?).
Filming with Peter Pau

More Zhao Wei advert photos for a jewelry brand

"I'm afraid to go home," says Shu Qi
Not because she is worried about crazed stalkers but because her family members have stepped up their efforts to set her up with men.
MSN: Selina Jen says hello to the media
The pop star told the media yesterday that her most painful days are finally over.


Walter said...

I've read that Seth Rogen has "destroyed" the Green Hornet franchise with stupid jokes, etc... in the movie.

Oh well. :(

dleedlee said...

The trailer looked pretty unexciting to me. Jay Chou's losing streak continues. :D