Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12.28.2010 - News

THR: 'City of Life and Death' Gets North American Distribution
City of Life and Death, the award-winning Nanjing Massacre film by Chinese writer-director Lu Chuan, will screen in North America this spring.

Tang Wei plays a woman named Anna who is released from prison on probation for 3 days. She meets Hyun Bin's character on her way to Seattle, and they fall in love after spending a day together. But Anna must return to prison after three days, while Hyun, who is a counterfeiter, is being chased by police.
China's first 3-D animated film, "Little Big Panda", will be released in cinemas on February 3.

Beijing premiere of Lovers Discourse (Dec.27)
Kay Tse
Derek Tsang, Kay Tse, Eric Tsang
Eric Tsang, Derek Tsang, Kay Tse, Pang Ho-Cheung, Jimmy Wan Chi-Man

Gillian Chung
William Chan Wai-Ting

Gillian and William Chan are promoting the mainland release of Heiward Mak's Ex (Former) in Guangdong. William is currently Charlene Choi's boyfriend so the press had to ask about their intimate scenes together. He deflected questions by saying that he and Charlene were not together at the time of the shooting. (Xinhua), (Sina), 2

Hong Kong premiere of If You Are the One 2 (Dec.27)

With ex-boyfriend Stephen Fung
Barbie Hsu, Wang Xiaofei (Sina)

MSN: Matilda Tao reveals Selina Jen’s serious face injuries, Matilda Tao reveals severity of Selina Jen's injuries, (Photo) [Update: Photo is a fake from 12 years old of another artist who was a burn victim. (Xinhua) ]


Walter said...

wow - Gillian Chung's looking very pretty. :)

I REALLY enjoyed "Nanjing, Nanjing: City of Life and Death". It showed many things that people had said happened (ie. such as in "The Rape of Nanking" book). I know it was controversial on both sides - some Chinese didn't think there could be a sympathetic Japanese and many Japanese refuse to accept the actions of their own soldiers (yet why are there so many horror stories from every area where the Japanese kept prisoners - even captured British POWs said the Japanese soldiers treated the prisoners terribly). People in the West need to be made aware of what Japan did during WWII. (I have a friend who grew up in a small city in Michigan who never even knew what the Nazis did in the concentration camps!).

I wanted to visit the War Memorial for the victims as well as John Rabe's house when I was in Nanjing last year, but didn't have time. I still think Nanjing looks sad.

Another Tang Wei movie for me to look for! :)

dleedlee said...

I'm kind of cheesed that the first DVD released of City of Life and Death didn't include the deleted scenes. :( Still, it's not the kind of movie I can watch multiple times.

Reviews for Late Autumn weren't too positive from what I recall.

Walter said...

I noticed the mainland China DVD release of "City of Life and Death" has the bonus features, but it's in PAL format. I notice that the Hong Kong releases often don't have all the bonus features (music videos, making of, deleted scenes, etc...) that the releases in other countries do (such as the S. Korean release of "Sophie's Revenge" and "Lust, Caution").

dleedlee said...

Yeah, I have the first mainland DVD. About a month later, the version with the deleted scenes came out. Sneaky bums. :(