Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lover's Discourse - New Poster, Postcards

Latest poster for the Pang Ho-Cheung produced film directed by Derek Tsang and Jimmy Wan. The cast includes Eason Chan, Mavis Fan, Karena Lam, Kay Tse On-Kei, William Chan Wai-Ting and Eddie Peng.



beyondasiaphilia said...

This looks great--any idea where the films can be seen online?

dleedlee said...

I think you are thinking of the other Pang Ho-Cheung/Derek Tsang/Jimmy Wan collaboration, 'Four Fantastic Nights' as I'm translating it? That's the one/four shorts that's been released on the internet. I can and look for it but no promises. Not sure if there will be subs and presumably in putonghua to boot. Lover's Discourse is about four _other_ couples. :D

beyondasiaphilia said...

Ok, either one sounds great to me. Might be able to find some subs online if you post the original chinese characters. Thx!