Thursday, April 22, 2010

4.22.2010 - News

Karen Mok - Go Lala Go!

Karen posts on her role in Go Lala Go!

Miriam Yeung

Shawn Yue, Miriam Yeung

Shawn Yue

Love in a Puff crew held a celebration after earning 1.4 million at the box office after 6 days. (Xinhua), (Sina)

CRI: Trailer Released for John Woo's Martial-Arts Film
CRI: Actor Simon Yam Plans Directorial Debut
The director-to-be says the new film will be dedicated to his late father, a former police officer who died on duty. Filming is expected to start next year.

Faye Wong CCTV Qinghai fundraising rehearsal

Faye Wong and Na Ying
Na Ying shot to fame when she sang with Faye in 1998.

Lin Chi-Ling

Originally in Chengdu for a brand appearance, Lin Chi-Ling raised 80,000 yuan in donations for Qinhai by autographing hand bags and t-shirts for auction. (Xinhua)
Jackie Chan and his New Seven Little Fortunes brought emergency relief supplies to Qinghai from Shanghai.
In addition to 1000 quilts, 1500 boxes of food, 100 boxes of water, 700 padded clothing, and 200 sets of thermal clothing, the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation donated 3 million yuan.
Jet Li and head of orphanage where Hong Kong volunteer Wong Fu-Wing died

Due to altitude sickness, Jet Li and staff subsisted on instant noodles

From Andrew Lin's 7 Deadly Sins exhibition

Lam Suet backstage at a taping of Jade Solid Gold program with Twins, Joey Yung, Ivana Wong (Sina)

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