Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zhang Jizhong's Pigsy Grabs Public Attention
New Journey To West TV series

Johnnie To

Johnnie To held a Master Class titled, My Life, My Cinema at the PIFF (

Slide shows
Guo Xiaodong, Jiang Yiyan, Sun Chun


Anonymous said...

That's a great looking Pigsy! I'd definitely be interested in seeing this series.

dleedlee said...

Kinda creepy, huh? Looks closer to the original spirit of the novel.

Zhang Jizhong's adaptations of Louis Cha/Jin Yong's novels for TV have all been pretty well received from what I've read.

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of Zhang Jizhong, but I just found a bio of him on IMDB and he's quite a heavy hitter. Are any of his Jin Yong series out on DVD? (Not that they would have subtitles)

dleedlee said...

Looks like Royal Tramp and Sword Stained With Royal Blood from Tai Seng are available at yesasia.

dleedlee said...

Here's a couple related articles I posted on HKMDB Daily News:



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links and info! I'll see if I can find those series as a rental.