Sunday, October 18, 2009

Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Awards

Best Director - Feng Xiaogang, Assembly

Double winner

Jiang Wenli

Zhou Xun

Wu Gang (Xinhua)

Best Feature Film - Assembly and Forever Enthralled
Best Actor - Wu Gang (The Iron Man)
Best Actress - Zhou Xun (Equation of Love and Death) and Jiang Wenli (And The Spring Comes)
Best Actor in Supporting Role - Wang Xueqi (Forever Enthralled)
Best Actress in Supporting Role - Yu Hong (A Tale of Two Donkeys)

27th Golden Rooster Award unveiled

Zhou Xun, Jiang Wenli - Best Actresses (

Best Screenplay - Gao Kao 1977

Coco Lee (

Closing ceremony, Feng Xiaogang (c)
No evidence of cloud seeding in Nanchang! (

Zhao Ziqi in a feathery dress (

Miao Pu (

Zhou Xun

Nick Cheung

Ann Hui, Pau Hee-Ching

Xu Jiao

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