Thursday, October 8, 2009

Detective Dee's Li Bingbing

Hot on the heels of the box office hit The Message, Tsui Hark was either prescient and fortunate to have cast Li Bingbing in Detective Dee. By virture of her Golden Horse nomination for Best Actress, Tsui Hark and Derek Yee congratualted the finalist and said it was an affirmation of her performance. Earning her reputation as a 'model worker', Li turned down 6 appearances worth $3M during the National Day holidays to prepare for her next film. Li's next film is Derek Yee's Double Tap King and she is Hong Kong already. (


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Seeing the first couple of pictures got me excited -- can Tsui Hark break his losing streak and recapture past glories?

Then I remembered that at one time I got excited when I saw shots of familiar characters from the Star Wars prequels before they were released.

I fear that Tsui Hark, like George Lucas, is a visionary who is out of steam. I say that as someone who actually liked The Legend of Zu too!

dleedlee said...

I must admit I have not watched a Tsui Hark film in a long time. It's often been said that he is a better producer than director. I'm hoping Detective Dee will be a success. The Judge Dee novels were a great source of entertainment for me when I read them many years ago and I'm hoping the film will spark a series of movies.