Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time: Reshooting History in China's The Founding of a Republic

Film brings fame to bar "Four Sisters Izakaya"
Film director Feng Xiaogang shot parts of his film "If You Are The One" at Hamakko Izakaya in Kushiro City in 2008 and fabricated a new name Four Sisters Izakaya and used the advertisement with a picture of four girls.

Singapore: Blue Mansion steals the show from real life cast
Singapore director Glen Goei’s latest film “The Blue Mansion” revolves around the quirky story of an eccentric extended family in the middle of a murder mystery.

Taking on Lee Ang/Ang Lee

ESWN: Jackie Chan Babbles On CCTV Show


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jackie... best to just keep your mouth shut.

dleedlee said...

He doesn't even have the excuse of alcohol this time!