Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Connie Chan, Nam Fung
Connie Chan and Nam Fung shoot promotional photos for their upcoming Lunar New Year concert in Hung Hom Coliseum. There will be four performances and include songs from Dream of the Red Mansions. As Connie has not sung Cantonese Opera in a while she was quite nervous and had begun rehearsing. Reporters asked if she would elicit help from master Pak Suet-Sin. Connie said she would train well first.  (

Gaile Lok
Gaile Lok has lost weight for next month's fashion show. (

Maggie Cheung in Paris for Fashion Week

Kelly Chen (
Kelly Chen's baby, nicknamed 'har gaau jai', is a little fatty and now weighs 15 pounds and has a double chin.

Yu Ke-Hsin
Yu Ke-Hsin and her mother returned to Hong Kong to prepare for a public memorial ceremony for her father. Her father died in Chongqing last month at age 85 of lung cancer. (

Wong Lee-Hom, Ang Lee

The famous opera "Turandot" debuted at the National Stadium, or Bird's Nest Tuesday evening to celebrate the New China's 60th founding anniversary, under the direction of Zhang Yimou, the director of Beijing's Olympic Games opening ceremony. (photos)

Once Upon a Time in Toronto - press release
OMNI Television (Rogers Media) is pleased to announce its latest contribution to Canadian broadcast history: the world television premiere of Once Upon a Time in Toronto, a 20-part Mandarin-language drama series and first-ever mutually supported television production between Canadian and Chinese companies.

Once Upon a Time in Toronto follows the intertwining lives of a diverse group of people from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds as they are forced to deal with their emotions, and each other, following a tragic car accident. The characters portrayed in Once Upon a Time in Toronto span generation and tradition as do the actors themselves; fundamental to the collaboration between Toronto-based Goldspin and China's Western Movie Group was that cast and crew be drawn from both partner-countries.
THR: Canadian-Chinese 'Toronto' to air

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