Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maggie Cheung, Ekin Cheng, Jane Zhang...

Maggie Cheung
Last night in Taipei for a jewelry designer promotion Maggie denied that she had remarried. Looking radiant, she said she had her makeup artists to thank. Maggie admitted that she was tempted by cosmetic surgery and struggled with the idea. She said that she could accept wrinkles and hoped that she felt the same when she turned 60.  Maggie has no plans to remarry or have a baby but will consider adopting a baby in the future. (Sina) (2)

Ekin Cheng contemplates split with Yoyo Mung over her gambling ways
Hong Kong singer-actor Ekin Cheng's recent return to the music industry after years of semi-retirement took many by surprise. But what is even more shocking is the reason behind his comeback - he is going broke.

Nicholas Tse addresses pregnancy rumours
Nicholas Tse drops hints on Cecilia Cheung's rumoured pregnancy

HK actor Frankie Lam's roving eye

Miriam Yeung appearing at an anti-drug campaing event (Xinhua)

Patrick Tse and girlfriend

Cannot confirm that Cecilia is pregnant with twins (Sina) (2)

Francis Ng

Esther Kwan and Nick Cheung

Jane Zhang - blond edition

Jane Zhang Liangying at 2009 MTV Music Festival


Anonymous said...

Not to spread unsubstantiated rumors but didn't Maggie get some kind of cheek implants back in the day? I thought I saw some before and after pics of her.

Word on the street was that Michelle Yeoh had the same procedure.

dleedlee said...

Wow, never heard that before, not even too sure about cheek implants, either... I'm such a yokel.

I guess I could believe it though. Maggie's face had less definition in her earlier years. Michelle Yeoh, a little harder to picture. :)