Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Four Marshals Cast Meets Sina

Gao Qun Shun, director

Francis Ng

Charlie Young

Yu Nan

Wu Jing

Ni Dahong

Xia Yu


Anonymous said...

Funny, I was just watching a Francis Ng movie from 1992 and he had the exact same haircut. Apparently he claims he's paying tribute to Leslie Cheung. The 90s are back!

dleedlee said...

Ha, ha. Thanks for pointing that out. What movie were you watching? I noticed the Leslie reference but didn't have the time to suss it out.

Anonymous said...

I watched "Banana Spirit," an undeservedly obscure movie where Francis plays a lovelorn coroner's assistant who falls for a beautiful ghost living in a banana tree. Also features Lam Ching-Ying as a Taoist exorcist and Tommy Wong as a gangster reincarnated as an evil fire demon. Really a great slice of early 90s HK cinema. You can find it on the Chinese-language streaming sites like tudou and k6 hard-subbed in English, although dubbed in Mandarin. I'm searching high and low for a DVD copy so if you see one let me know! It rocks--

Anonymous said...

PS: re: Banana Spirit.

The movie is nearly twenty years old and Francis looks shockingly young and dreamy.

Funny to think that he used to play ingenue parts in movies and on HK television before he became the badass that he is now.

dleedlee said...

Thanks, I think I may have heard about Banana Spirits but I didn't know it was so rare on video.