Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10.21.2009 - Movie News

14 Blades poster

Terri Kwan, Oceane Zhu Xuan

Cheng Pei-Pei, Karena Lam, George Lam, Daniel Wu, Kenneth Tsang and wife
Prince of Tears Hong Kong premiere - slide show (28) (

THR: Chow Yun-Fat to star in Jiang's 'Bullets'
CRI: Chow Yun-Fat Joins "Bullets" Cast
... there were no less than ten options for the ending of the movie. The director and Chow came up with the final version when they were drinking and chatting...
The 11 major male roles will go towards assembling a Chinese "Ocean's Eleven", according to earlier reports.
Investment in the movie has hit 150 million Hong Kong dollars, or about 20 million US dollars.

Michelle Yeoh goes back to gongfu
In Jianyu Jianghu, loosely translated as Rain Of Swords In The Martial Arts World, she will play an assassin.
Co-directed by acclaimed Chinese director John Woo (Face/Off) and Taiwanese film-maker Su Chao-pin (Silk), filming for the movie will start in China next week.

Emi Wada: A many-hued Oscar
The world knows Emi Wada for her Academy Award-winning costumes for Akira Kurosawa's Ran, but most Chinese know her as the brains behind the techni-colored wardrobe of Zhang Yimou's 2002 Hero (Yingxiong).

Astro Boy's Huge Comeback

Deng Chao's Astro Boy haircut
Deng Chao as Astro Boy

THR: Golden Harvest promises rebirth
New managers vow to resurrect storied HK studio Golden Harvest


ewaffle said...

Michelle Yeoh returning to the screen in a martial arts movie--or at least a movie with martial arts in it.

Life is good again.

Glenn, kenixfan said...

I want to see the Yonfan film!

Have there been any reviews yet?

I still don't see how someone as overly cute as Terri Kwan will work in a Yonfan film but I liked her in one film and I like his works as a director so I'm hopeful.

dleedlee said...

Have there been any reviews yet?

Variety, Screen Daily and The Hollywood Reporter have reviewed it about a month ago. Click on the Prince of Tears tag either here or at

Pretty much what you'd expect from a Yonfan film, as I recall, looks great, story and characters lacking a little.