Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gong Li pauses for a photo at a Paris fashion show press conference (

Vivian Chow
For the fourth straight year, Vivian Chow is the 'pink ambassador' for Breast Cancer Awareness. Vivian is in the high risk group because her mother had breast cancer. Also, she has not had a baby yet which reduces the risk. (

It seems Francis Ng was invited to the cover of a recent pet lover's magazine. Ironically, or somehow related, earlier this spring Francis' pet Akita mauled and killed a 9 month-old Yorkie terrier puppy named 'Fluffy'. The Akita got loose while feng shui renovations were in progress at Francis Ng's Sai Kung dwelling. His wife went to the dead dog's owner to apologize and paid a compesation fee. The victim called Francis an irresponsible dog owner and said that there were numerous problems with his dogs in the past including letting the dogs run free unmuzzled. Special thanks to Valerie, our Official Francis Ng Correspondent, for forwarding this story! :) Source

Feng Xiaogang''s Tangshan Earthquake/Aftershock is running into production problems. Bad weather has caused filming delays and upped costs. The director hired a British company and two assistants to provide motion control camera support but due to the weather they have had to extend their schedule (and fees). In addition, the real earthquake took place in the summer and victims laid on the ground naked in the aftermath. Shooting the film now, the weather has turned cold due to the delay and hundreds of extras are laying on the cold ground.

To pursue realism, hundreds of meters of streets with ten buildings were erected. But the rain has weakened the fake buildings and are in danger of collapse. The safety of the actors are at great risk. The director and producers are burning incense daily and praying for peace.

The production crew also has hired American, Korean and European techincal experts to help with the special effects needed to film an earthquake. The Americans and Europeans want to produce 3D modeling data to attain realism while the Koreans say that it can be done manually. So oftentimes, Feng has to act the peacemaker and intervene for the sake a unified collective.
Still, Feng says 500 million box office is no problem! (

Gillian Chung

Ekin Cheng
Gillian Chung, Ekin Cheng and Eason Chan attending the Jade Solid Gold taping (

Chrissie Chau

Hong Kong University professor and Chrissie

Waste of time and public money?
Chrissie Chau appeared at HKUST's (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) first of six sold out lecture series 'Interpreation of Zhou Na (Chrissie Chau) Phenomenon'. The 400 seat hall was full and a separate 200 seat hall was opened to allow additional viewers.
The article notes that the attendees were mostly 'boys'. The Book Fair photo album sensation was the subject of investigation about the topic such as modeliing in sexy bikinis for advertisements and whether there was social discrimination as compared to Miss Hong Kong contestants who acted similarly. The lecture was divided into three parts: 1) The first, from the perspective of cultural analysis of c-mode cultures, 2) Dialogue between Professor and Chrissie Chan, and 3) Question and answers from teachers and students. Students later criticized her for not doing her homework and being ill-prepared for questions. ( (


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying the Francis Ng dog information. I think the Akita is just a manifestations of Francis' id, which he normally only lets loose when he's in triad movies. Otherwise he looks and acts like the nice little cocker spaniel on the cover of the magazine here. Or something like that---

dleedlee said...

I wouldn't swear to its complete accuracy but that's what I got out of it. Turns out Fluffy's owners were South African and had two little kids, too! They are probably severely traumatized now. :(

Anonymous said...

I think if my Yorkshire terrier were mauled to death in front of me by an Akita I'd be a bit distraught, too. Even if Francis Ng was there---