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10.19.2009 - Movie News

Film review: Red Cliff (International version)
And another, also from New Zealand

Screen Daily: Woman On Fire Looks For Water (Malaysia-South Korea)
Broken hearts across multiple generations make for engaging viewing in Malaysian independent filmWoman on Fire Looks for Water by Woo Ming-jin. Set in a small fishing village, the work’s striking visuals and subtle dramatic touches carry the mark of a significant talent.

THR: Michelle Yeoh making kung fu moves

The project also is set to star Korean actor Jung Woo-Song ("The Good, the Bad, the Weird") as the male lead, Chinese actor Wang Xueqi ("Forever Enthralled") and popular Taiwanese singer and television actress Barbie Hsu, among others.
Screen Daily: Fortissimo picks up Michelle Yeoh martial arts thriller
Yeoh will play a female assassin who retires after killing a monk she had fallen in love with, and marries an ordinary postman, hoping to lead a peaceful family life. But as the postman is actually the son of an official she might have killed, the past soon returns to haunt her.(Production credits)
The King of Milu Deer" is based on a legend from the ancient Chinese literary classic "Legends of Mountains and Seas." It tells of a love story between a prince and a girl who is transformed into a Milu deer.

Feng rules China's Rooster kudos
Director's 'Assembly' tops festival awards

The name of the awards comes from the year of the Rooster in 1981, when the awards began.

And the winners are:

Film: "Assembly"

Director: Feng Xiaogang, "Assembly"/Chen Kaige, "Forever Enthralled"

Actor: Wu Gang, "Iron Man"

Actress: Zhou Xun, "The Equation of Love and Death"/Jiang Wenli, "And the Spring Comes"

Supporting Actor: Wang Xueqi, "Forever Enthralled"

Supporting Actress: Yue Hong, "A Tale of Two Donkeys"

Cinematography: "Assembly"

Music: Wang Liguang, "Assembly"

Script: Jiang Haiyang, Gu Bai, Zong Fuxian, "Examination 1977"

Children's Film: "Walking to School"

Science Film: "The Moon"

Animation: "The Magic Aster"

Opera Film: "Honest Official Yu Chenglong"

Digital Film: "Zou Si Fang"

Directorial Debut: Li Dawei, "A Tale of Two Donkeys"

Sound: Wang Lewen, Li Anlei, An Shaofeng, "The First of August"

Art Direction: Lu Yuelin, Yu Maiduo, "Iron Man"

Lifetime Achievement: Qin Yi, Yu Lan

Jury Script Prize: Cheng Xiaoling, "The Clear Water"

Jury Feature Film Prize: "The First of August"

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