Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10.20.2009 - Movie News

Producer Manfred Wong promotes Stubborn Radish aka Radish Warrior which opens later this month. (Sina.com)

The Message premiere in Taipei, Taiwan

Abu Dhabi - Maggie Q, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Joe Odagiri (The Warrior and The Wolf)

Vivian Chow
Vivian Chow was photographed in a gay bar preparing for her role in Ann Hui's 'Up and Down' 《上上下下》. Ann Hui arranged for Vivian to visit an lesbian bar establishment in Lan Kwai Fong and meet some gay women. Vivian is earning a reported seven figure fee for her role in the film costarring Sandra Ng. (Xinhua)
Vivian Hsu
Vivian Hsu has been cast in the lead of the new film from Cape No. 7 director Wei Te-Sheng, to be produced by John Woo. Vivian will be putting her multi-lingual skills to use as she will be speaking in Japanese. (Sina.com)

Anthony Wong
CRI: Vivid Tang Dynasty Shown in TV Drama

Ning Hao
Ning Hao's latest film 'No Man's Land' is in post-production. It will feature a new side of Huang Bo, who is having a busy year with Cow, Radish Warrior and Crazy Racer. (Sina.com)

Zhang Yimou's Three Guns is also in post-production and expected to be completed next month. The original story has changed and now is said to be three connected stories about paired couples and their quarrels. Staff have had to sign confidentiality agreements with $1M fines. Zhang Yimou has spent a great attention to the colors of the costumes discarding the originals and having them redone. Zhang is also busy working on his Turandot production at the Bird's Nest. (Sina.com)

CRI: 'True Legend' to Open during Chinese New Year
Yuen Woo-Ping's new film about 19th-century hero Su Qi-Er (Beggar So) will open in Chinese cinemas around mid-February in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year, the movie's producers announced on Monday.
Moviegoers will also be able to see a few scenes featuring the late Hollywood actor David Carradine, who was known for his role in the "Kill Bill" series. Director Yuen invited Carradine to work on his film after a pleasant collaboration in "Kill Bill" for which Yuen was the stunt advisor.

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