Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chrissie Chau

The Chrissie Chau Rorschach Test continues, or Great Taste, Less Filling: Appearing at a beer promotion bar event, Chrissie Chau was heckled by female drinkers with chants of, 'Big chest, no brains.' Male drinkers responded supportively with, 'Gaa yau, nou lik'. (Add fuel, exert power.) Unperturbed, Chrissie remained composed and paused for interviews and photographs. [This is one tough cookie.] Meanwhile, HKUST denied apologizing to Chrissie. It seems the lecture topic was not what they told her it was going to be. (?) (

Eric Tsang thought that the lecture was a brilliant idea. In previous years, Eric had been invited to lectures at HKUST. Was he asked to prepare in advance? He said he liked to students to ask questions, the better to know what students wanted to know. (

Today marks the anniversary of Anita Mui's birthday (46). Recently, Anita's mom was spotted wandering lost with a Filipina maid in a Causeway Bay mall. She tried to call someone on her mobile but finally had to stop a male passerby to ask for directions. (

Denise Ho

Anita's protege Denise Ho held a tribute concert the night before despite back injuries suffered during rehearsals. (

Maggie Cheung and unknown young man. Olé!

Maggie Cheung - Fendi, Paris

Kelly Lin

Kelly Lin promotes a watch brand in a daring dress.

Gigi Leung - Taiwan

Gigi Leung promoting perfume brand, says no plans for marriage.

Miriam Yeung

Miriam Yeung was in Mongkok for a ribbon cutting ceremony. Asked if she wanted to invest in her own shop, Miriam responded that she used to have a second-hand clothes shop but it took too much time and she is more suited to performing. She said she hoped to sell her residence for HK$30M and net a small profit.

Hsiao Shu-Shen

Last year

Hsiao Shu-Shen is in trouble again. The Taiwan actress was spotted with waist length hair entering a Taipei psychiatric hospital after she failed mandatory urine drug tests as part of her terms of suspended sentence for a drug conviction two years ago. [It was earlier reported that Hsiao had not been performing her required community service, also part of her condition for release.] The urine and hair tests were false positives for methamphetamine but it triggered a panic attack and in despair she self-mutilated herself. The 34 year-old actress suffers from bipolar disorder, depression, panic disorder and has a history of self-mutilation. The speculation was that some anti-depressant medication may have caused the false positives. Hsiao Shu-Shen has let her hair grow exceedingly long, it is thought, as proof of her anti-drug determination. (

I spy: Edison Chen in Central, Hong Kong recently. He was spotted in colorful hoodie and big eyeglasses while in a mall with two foreign friends. (more photos)

Gong Li and Michelle Yeoh
Gong Li was almost locked out of the LV fashion show when the show started on time instead of the usual hour to hour and a half delayed starting time. (

Birmingham City chief Peter Pannu tells of Triad battles

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