Saturday, April 10, 2010

29th Hong Kong Film Awards Press Conference

Best Actress nominees Zhang Jingchu, Shu Qi, Kara Hui, Sandra Ng
A fifth nominee, Zhao Wei, is missing due to her being in Singapore

Best Actor nominees poster
Simon Yam, Aaron Kwok, Wang Xueqi, Lau Ching-Wan

Zhao Wei declined to be photographed for the poster for 'personal reasons' according to Gordon Chan.

Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu, nominated for Night and Fog (Sina)

Gordon Chan, Chairman Hong Kong Film Awards Association

Kara Hui, nominated for At the End of Daybreak

Lau Kar-Leung will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award

Chow Lam, Cinema Lighting Association Chairman, awarded Professional Spirit Award

(Apr.9) This year's awards ceremonies will be held on the evening of Apr.18. HKFAA chairman Gordon Chan said that there will be a tribute to the late Tina Ti Na. The red carpet area will begin at the Tsimshatsui Clock Tower and extend 200 feet.

Fala Chen nominated for Best Newcomer in Turning Point (Laughing Gor)


Anonymous said...

Those Hong Kong Film Awards posters are pretty cool! Have they done them in the past?

dleedlee said...

I saw them last year. There should be more for Best Director, Supporting Actor/Actress and Lifetime Achivements, I expect.

Here's last year's

Anonymous said...

Nice! :D