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4.13.2010 - News

Hong Kong media is reporting that Zhao Wei's first post-childbirth film will be Stephen Chow's new version of Hail the Judge. Zhao Wei was absent from promotions for 14 Blades and apparently has been abandoned by her husband, a wealthy tycoon. Though her baby's due date is unknown, Zhao Wei has previously stated that she planned to be back shooting an advert in June. Chow's film would not begin shooting until the end of the year at the earliest. (Xinhua)

Oxide Pang's planned shooting next month in Bangkok, Thailand of 'B+ Detective' with Aaron Kwok and Gong Beibi has been postponed due to the recent political unrest there. For the safety of the crew, Universal has delayed the shoot. Shooting in Bangkok originally began in October but was suspended when Oxide Pang and Angelica Lee prepared for their marriage. In addition, a new film (恐慌完美童話) by Pang with Lau Ching-Wan was also scheduled to begin next month in Thailand. (Xinhua)

The eponymous hawthorn tree

Zhang Yimou's "Romance Under a Hawthorn Tree" will begin filming in Yichang, Hubei Province under high security and secrecy on Apr.16. Filming is expected to take three months with an expected release in October or December. Most of the cast will be newcomers not yet graduated from university, though Lin Peng (Big Little Soldier) is rumoured to be also cast. The story takes place in the '70s during the Cultural Revolution. (Sina), 2

Monga: No glamour, only grit in this gangland film 

CRI: Leehom Wang's Monkey King Images Unveiled (Love Announcement)
CRI: Lowest Budget, Highest Potential - "KJ: Music and Life" for Best Film of HKFA
"KJ: Music and Life" tells a story of a young musician's tortured life. As a documentary, it is even more moving for audiences than a drama film. As today's parents pay a great deal of attention to art education for their children, the film's theme is quite attractive.
CF: "A Singing Fairy" to Hit Big Screen
Alec Su and Eva Huang Shengyi star in remake of Third Sister Liu

The Faye Wong MV photos in yesterday's news post are reportedly fakes, said Faye's manager responding to media inquiries. (Xinhua)

CRI: Photos of Xu Jinglei and Stanley Huang
Xu Jinglei and actor Stanley Huang, the two leads in the film "Go, Lala, Go", recently posed for a series of photos.
Feng [Xiaogang] may be impressed but some Netizens are not. They remain skeptical about the matter and suspect it is a public relations move to repair Zhang's tattered image after the scandal, citing the revelation to be a little too convenient.
Zhang seemed unperturbed by the matter. She told reporters that it is the thought that counts when donating to charity. She believed that as long as her thoughts and sincerity reach the recipients, there is nothing much else to say.
Currently six months pregnant, Gigi originally wanted to give birth in Hong Kong. However, due to various reasons such as the toxic sandstorm from northern China which swept through Hong Kong a few days ago, and the ongoing road renovations at her current home, the couple was afraid that it might harm their unborn child.
After consulting a fengshui master, the former actress decided to move into her husband's 10,000 square-metres luxurious estate in Sydney, for a smooth delivery.

Paris - Jean Todt, Michelle Yeoh

Attending the premiere of Luc Besson's new film

Sammi Cheng

Endorsing a protein drink

Gillian's clothing will be available on the Granville Rd shop. Joey Yung's topcoat is shown on the left.
Charlene Choi opened a second-hand consignment shop in Tshimshatsui. According to the clerk, TVB stars, Janice Man and Angelababy are regular customers. (Sina)

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