Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4.27.2010 - News

A survey has found that 82% of Hong Kong internet users would be likely to stop illegal file-sharing after receiving a warning from their internet service providers (ISPs).
Yip told the media that the appearance of a young Bruce Lee at the end of "Ip Man 2" was foreshadowing for the next edition. But the director also hedged, saying, "Shooting films is like gambling, where you can't predict the results. You can't know if there will be a second episode while you were still working on the first one. I put my chips down on 'Ip Man 2' and will see how it goes. If I win, I will make 'Ip Man 3'."

Andy Lau's next project is a remake of Mel Gibson's What Women Want. Costarring Fan Bingbing and directed by Chen Daming, the production is hoping to invite Gong Li and Mel Gibson to appear. Andy will play a divorced single father with a small son. Due to an accident, he is able to overhear women's wishes. Filming begins next month for a Valentine's Day release next year. (Xinhua) 

Miao Pu

Let the Bullets Fly - Miao Pu

Ge You and director Chen Kaige - Orphan of Zhao

Fan Bingbing, Chiu Man-Cheuk (Vincent Zhao)

Cast Chen Hong, Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing, Chiu Man-Cheuk, Chen Kaige, Ge You, Wang Xueqi, Zhang Fengyi

Zhao's Orphan production launched in the film's primary location in Zhejiang where the 'Spring and Autumn City' was built. Security and safety were the foremost concerns after the previous stage collapse calamity in Shanxi. A release date of Dec. 18 is planned putting it head to head with Zhang Yimou's Hawthorne Love Forever. (Xinhua), 2, Photos of the 152 acre, 120 million yuan city/set.

Sammi Cheng visits an injured victim in Xining, Qinghai Province

More photos from Michael Wong's Macau show, A Legend Reborn

Lisa S. will become Lisa W.
In addition, she revealed a July wedding party in Hong Kong is planned and then, in August, a wedding dinner will be held in Las Vegas so her grandparents can attend.

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