Thursday, April 8, 2010

4.8.2010 - News

Dream Home posters

May 13 opening in Hong Kong is being reported. It is slated to open the Udine Far East Film Festival Apr.23 and compete in the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Like Pang Ho-Cheung's Love in a Puff, Dream Home is likely to garner a Cat.III rating but Josie Ho vowed not to edit the film in order to maintain the film's integrity.
Poster for Ex
Ex features Gillian Chung, William Chan Wai-Ting and Michelle Wai (Sze Nga)

Wei Te-Sheng

Filming of Wei Te-Sheng's Seediq Bale is almost completed. Currently, it has been cut down to 3.5 hours down from 4 hours. Wei has decided to make the story a two-parter, the first part to be released in the summer, and part two to be released during Christmas or New Year. (HunanTV)

HK Magazine: Amphetamine

Future X-Cops - More like blast from the past
For the first 20 minutes of the film, I was only thinking about cheese. It is not because I particularly like cheese or had developed a sudden craving for cheese nachos sold at the cinema, but because the special effects and the character designs were so cheesy and dated.
The cyborgs were themed after various animals such as the porcupine, bat, snake and mantis, but the character design was incredibly poor and looked ridiculous, sort of like a really cheap transformer costume. Their mechanical limbs, wings and what have you also looked like they were crafted from cheap plastic or cardboard and looked incredibly flimsy.
However, "Future X Cops" is saved from being another sci-fi flop by the abundant comic moments peppered throughout the film. The dialogue is witty and riddled with humorous jokes. The sharp dialogue draws genuine laughter from the audience and makes the film bearable.

Aaron Kwok in concert - Toronto (Apr.6)

When Aaron tried to plug his in production movie, Era of Magic, and he mentioned costar Zhang Ziyi, she was booed by the audience. (Sina)
Faye Wong 


Publicity photos for Faye Wong's release via mobile download of her single Legend and upcoming album. (Sina), (Xinhua)

CRI: Jet Li Visits Drought-hit SW China
Ethan Ruan rejects plum role in Stanley Kwan's new movie
The Taiwanese actor was unable to accept the role's provocative and sensual nature and rejected the opportunity to star in Stanley Kwan's upcoming new movie.
One of Taiwan's hottest and most bankable star, Ethan Ruan, was said to have surreptitiously attended a casting session in Beijing a few days ago for Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan's latest flick, The Peony Pavilion...
Vicki Zhao remains tight-lipped about pregnancy
"Every time I hear the words 'tycoon' and 'rich family', I get goosebumps and think of Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas in the 1980s. It's vulgar and strange to attach those words to people."
Making a vague statement about her personal life, Zhao expressed throughout the interview that "many things do not develop and end the way you want it. There are a lot of factors that prevent them from happening."

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