Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4.14.2010 - News

After Shock posters released

Feng Xiaogang's latest film is about a mother, played by Xu Fan, who has to choose to save only one of two twin daughters crushed under debris in the Tangshan Earthquake of 1976. A July release is planned (Xinhua)

Zhao Wei's representative would not confirm reports that the actress was planning to collaborate on Stephen Chow's Hail the Judge. On her microblog, she wrote that she was looking at a interesting script and had not acted in a comedy in a long time, fueling the rumor.  Zhao Wei has been invited to attend the HKFA awards but, so far, has not responded.. (Xinhua), (HunanTV)

JUST IN: It's a little 'tiger girl'! Zhao Wei is reported to have given birth to a baby girl via Caesarean section on Apr.11. News was leaked on a forum when a netizen overheard nurses chatting at her hospital in Singapore. From her agent confirming, "All peace and happiness! Zhao Wei and her family thank you for the blessing". (HunanTV), (takungpao) 

Huayi Brothers issued a statement concerning the 'Faye Wong' MV. In fact, the person is Shang Wenjie. She is the French-fluent Super Girl winner from 2006. Both Huayi and her agent were greatly upset at the MV photo leak and hinted at possible criminal complaints. (Xinhua)

Las Vegas - Aaron Kwok's Reel World Tour


Sammi Cheng - Taipei
Sammi Cheng appeared at a press conference with her left eye bandaged. Just prior to the conference to promote her concert, Sammi suffered severe pair and tearing in her eye. After the meeting she rushed to have her eye examined by a doctor who discovered bits of cosmetics causing the irritation. (Sina)

Gaile Lok
Ekin Cheng

Gaile Lok and Ekin Cheng appeared for Sony in Taiwan

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