Monday, April 26, 2010

4.26.2010 - News

Wang Xiaoshuai has earned his second Golden Palm nomination for his latest film "Chongqing Blues" (aka Mosaic).
CRI: Release of 'No Man's Land' Delayed Again
Release of Chinese director Ning Hao's film, "No Man's Land", was delayed because of its controversial content.
The 2006 film "Crazy Stone" brought director Ning Hao great fame among movie-goers, but his latest film has been delayed several times since the end of last year. It has been criticized for having no sense of social responsibility because there are no heroic characters in it, only bad guys. [Looking back, it was originally scheduled for a Dec.18 release.]
CRI: 'The Double Life' Premieres in Guangzhou
During the premiere, a full-on naked shot of lead actor Yuan Wenkang caused a sensation. At the press conference, when Yuan was asked whether he would do more nude scenes, director Ning said she believed Yuan is a good actor who realizes the value of nudity in art.

Karen Mok

Kay Tse, Kenny Bee and Karen Mok promote anti-drug awareness for Girl Scouts

Chrissie Chau is off to Monte Carlo to shoot her new photo album



A-Mei whips the crowd into a rocking frenzy
Taiwanese pop diva A-Mei unleashed the raw power of her aboriginal rock-chick alter-ego, Amit, with her Amit First World Tour Live concert here yesterday night to thousands of screaming fans at the Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil.
The three-hour concert, titled after her aboriginal name, Gulilai Amit, sees the singer-songwriter clad in leather outfits, leopard-print skirts, complete with heavy Goth make-up...
To the delight of her fans, A-Mei brought along renowned American guitarist Marty Friedman, the former lead guitarist of trash metal group, Megadeth.
CRI: Richard Li to Be a Father Again Soon
Li's girlfriend, Isabella Leong, was confirmed pregnant with his second child and has flown to Vancouver to prepare for the delivery. Hong Kong media say Leong is expected to give birth in November.


Anonymous said...

Hang on! Where are the pix of naked Yuen Wenkang?

dleedlee said...

What, and audaciously pander to my readers! ;D

Presumambly, they are those washed-in-red images seen in the posters?