Thursday, April 15, 2010

4.15.2010 - News

The Double Life (A Side, B Side) posters
Release date, Apr.29

Heiward Mak

Hong Kong's hottest female directors, Ivy Ho, Clara Law and Heiward Mak, let us know what it's like to be the talk of the entertainment industry's old boys' club

CRI: Hong Kong Film Awards Superlatives
The Hong Kong Film Awards have a history of more than 20 years.Looking back, the past two decades have seen many "The Most" records set in the awards and nominations tally.

Let the Bullets Fly - Jiang Wu adopts 'Curly Lion King' look
Jiang Wu

Francis Ng avoided jailing

Francis Ng surrounded by media at the courthouse as he was leaving.

Francis had flown in from the Mainland where he is filming Warring States. To minimize court time, Francis pled guilty to a lesser charge of  'wounding'. Mitigating circumstances were that his wife was being bullied and the victim did not suffer permanent damage, so Francis hoped for a lenient sentence. The magistrate fined him HK$10,000 and warned him to be less reckless. The other party wanted compensation damages but was referred to file a claim in civil court. (Sina), 2

Plans to turn the late action star Bruce Lee's former residence into his museum have prompted neighbours and the peace-loving pair of Chow Yun-Fat and wife Jasmine Tan to find another place to call home.
In director Doze Niu's latest film "Monga", Taiwan heartthrob Mark Chao plays Mosquito, a young man growing up in Taipei's historic Monga district.

More pictures of Sammi's "Cyclops" look in Taipei




Anonymous said...

Poor Francis! Couldn't win the case even in his nice tailored suit! although I'm sure the plea-bargaining took place much earlier. The judge got in a nice scolding, too.

dleedlee said...

Leave it to Anthony Wong to throw him under the bus with his comment on the case: Another criminal conviction won't affect his friendship. :0)

Anonymous said...

re: Anthony Wong. Wow, that's quite funny. Those guys really like to play up the bad boy thing.