Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4.21.2010 - News

What is it about Hong Kong gangster films that capture the imagination? Is it the macho posturing of the heros and villains? Is it the slow-mo walk down the street with a legion of followers as the hero goes to a fight? Or is it the harem of attractive girls that invariably throw themselves at the hero?

Shawn Dou Xiao - Hawthorne Tree Forever?

Another young lead for Zhang Yimou's secretive Hawthorn Tree Forever has been discovered. He is Chinese-Canadian Shawn Dou (Dou Xiao). A previous young leading actor, Jiang Ruijia, is thought to have been replaced due to her unauthorized communication with the press without Zhang Yimou's consent.

Press conference to launch Hong Kong entertainment industry's Qinghai earthquake relief
Eric Tsang, Liza Wang

Miriam Yeung

Paw Hee-Ching

Shawn Yue

Edmond Leung

Gordon Chan, Eric Tsang
Louis Koo appeals for donations at Times Square, Causeway Bay
April 21 declared national day of mourning for Yushu, Qinghai Province earthquake victims

The State Council set April 21st, the 7th day since the earthquake, a day of national mourning, all Chinese embassies including abroad ones had their flags flew at half-mast,  public entertainments ceased in mourning. Most websites in China turned grey, some shut down for the day. (China Hush)

Faye Wong (Apr.20)

Faye Wong was one of the many celebrities at yesterday's CCTV's live fundraiser for Qinghai earthquake relief. Hong Kong artistes are already planning an event for Apr.26 at the Hong Kong Coliseum
Zhang Ziyi makes 200,000 yuan contribution

Fei Xing and Simon Yam, back on set of 'Watchmen' in Beijing

The crew threw him a celebration for winning the award for Best Actor.
Simon did not reveal details of the new film leaving it mysterious for the time being.


Joey Yung

Wong Jing, Everybody Bounce !

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