Friday, April 23, 2010

Little Shu Qi - Mavis Pan Shuang-Shuang

23 year-old model Pan Shuang-Shuang, aka Mavis S, will make her film debut in the upcoming film Emerald Pearl (Jade Pearl) from Emperor and Shaw Brothers starring Charlene Choi and Raymond Lam Fung. She's been dubbed Little Shu Qi,  mainly for her resemblance in the lips. You decide.

Pan Shuang-Shuang, Little Shu Qi?



(Sina)(echinacities), (Hudong)


ewaffle said...

With all due respect to those marketing Mavis Pan Shuang, if she is Little Shu Qi then I am Little Red Riding Hood.

A not unattractive young woman, certianly without the quirky good looks of Shu Qi, although looking enchanced to the overly-pnuematic point.

dleedlee said...

Yeah, I couldn't see much similarity either, except in the third image.

But I think her 'buxomy-ness' will propel Mavis far in the film business. She already seems to have a healthy modeling portfolio.

Tony C. said...

Shu Qi is overrated in the looks department, so is Mavis Pan. But the body makes up a little for it.

Elaine said...

Shu Qi is better!

SYCfamilyblog said...

Plastic surgery and make-up can do wonders!