Monday, October 11, 2010

10.11.2010 - News

THR: Jet Li, Tsui Hark reunite
Li plays a Ming Dynasty general battling a power-hungry eunuch played by Chen Kun. Their contest comes to a head at an inn run by actress Zhou Xun.
FBA: Li, Tsui reunite for new Dragon picture
Production got underway today on Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, a stereoscopic 3-D film which reunites action star Jet Li and Chinese director Tsui Hark 14 years after their most successful collaboration on New Dragon Gate Inn.
CRI: 'The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate' Starts Filming
THR: Hot Summer Days review
THR: When Love Comes review
THR: Late Autumn review

THR: Suitors rap on China's door
Fox gets teeth into Chinese movie market

THR: Asian Filmmaker of the Year
Tsai Ming-liang lauded by PIFF for his taciturn films

CRI: Zhang Ziyi to Host Hundred Flowers Awards
The festival will open Tuesday, Oct. 12 in Jiangyin, a small city in eastern China's Jiangsu Province. The media predicted a lackluster opening, as Jiangyin has no airport. [Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming have already announced that they are not going.]
It is tradition for the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Festival, one of the biggest film events in China, to be held in a different host city each year.

Stories From Chinese America - The Arthur Dong Collection
New DVD collection

Bouquet commemorating Anita Mui's 47th birthday at a fan gathering in Hong Kong.
It's been almost 7 years since the pop legend passed away.

Dong Xuan, Li Chen - Struggle

Director Joe Ma Wai-Ho and the cast of Struggle
Joe Ma has begun shooting the film version of Struggle in Suzhou. The romantic comedy is based on the popular 2007 mainland TV series. (Sina)

Publicity stills of Yu Shaoqun (Forever Enthralled) and Jiang Wu (Let the Bullets Fly) from The 1911 Revolution
Jiang Wu

Jiang Wu

Yu Shaoqun

Porn site is selling 'fully naked' photos of female stars for HK$78; HK stars next target
Anthony Wong spoke out against the unhealthy trend and called for government intervention.

Andy Lau in Harper's Bazaar (Xinhua-slide show)

Their romantic film "My Ex-wife's Wedding" will be released on October 22.
Chen Kun

CRI: Li Bingbing, Star in Singaporean and Malaysian Versions of 'Bazaar'

Stalking Cherie Chung shopping in Central
Need more Cherie? Check out Glenn's Cherie Chung Week.

Charlene Choi 
(Oct. 8) Appearing at the Metro i Do Concert, Charlene requested a microphone stand for support as she woke up feeling dizzy and nauseous, probably due to an ear infection. She was scheduled to fly overseas the next day for filming. Charlene admitted that she wanted a holiday but that it was just wishful thinking. [Give this girl a break! Her health seems to be an ongoing problem.] The Twins also have a November 13th concert in Macau on their schedule.  (Sina) 
William Chan, Charlene Choi
Elsewhere, over the weekend, William Chan Wai-Ting publicly declared his love for Charlene on his weibo. (Sina) Charlene admitted through Emperor that two have been dating for 3 months and would make an announcement about their relationship when she returns to Hong Kong from a mainland fan club meeting. (Sina), 2
HK actress Charlene Choi now dating singer William Chan

William Chan, Charlene at Hong Kong airport today

Sammo Hung

(Oct.8) Sammo Hung attended the annual Mission Hills Celebrity Golf Tournament Hong Kong Golf Assoiciation annual charity match. Vivian Chow, Eric Tsang, Michale Miu and  other Hong Kong artists participated. Son Timmy Hung recently got married to Janet Chow, former Miss Hong Kong runner up, and Sammo was kidded about the prospect of being a grandfather. (Sina)
Eric Tsang 

Trailer for Chen Kaige's Sacrifice/Zhao's Orphan


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Thanks for the link!

Where are Cherie's handlers in that pic? She doesn't just wander around like that does she?

If I saw her at Christmas in Central out window-shopping like that, I'd probably be too scared to approach her.

I don't know about the entire issue that Anthony Wong is talking about but are the photos real or fakes? If they are real, wouldn't it just be easier for actresses not to do nude scenes in the first place? Why get the government involved? I don't get the whole furor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up about the Arthur Dong event! How come you always know more about what's happening in my backyard than I do? ;p

dleedlee said...

re: Cherie
I think she's with a girlfriend, the woman in black.

re: Anthony Wong
I don't follow it all either and I may be mixing up multiple stories, that's why I provided the link to the TVB News World article. It says that they are a mix of real and fake. Most of the Chinese articles I've seen were about Guo Jinging's infrared photos and Fala Chen

I think that part of the furor is due to the surreptitious taping of celebs and athletes, presumably, without their consent. related

dleedlee said...

How come you always know more about what's happening in my backyard than I do?

Too much time spent on the interwebs? :D

Walter said...

I tried to find that "Cheerful" cafe dedicated to Anita Mui while I was in Causeway Bay, HK in 2008, but no one inside the building knew what I was talking about (probably because I don't speak Cantonese too) and the sign outside seemed a bit run down, so I can only assume it has shut down. I don't remember seeing the sign about her inside the big Buddha on Lantau Island either (although I wasn't searching specifically for it either).

Anyway, I did take a photo of the sign and posted it here:
Cheerful Cafe

dleedlee said...

Cool, I had not heard of the cafe but searching the Net, it seems the Happiness Moon 囍月 cafe has moved.

Here's a 2009 article showing Anita's brother at the Taoist temple in Kowloon Tong, Shang Sin Chun Tong memorial hall on the 6th anniversary of Anita's death.

According to this article Anita's mother still has Anita's ashes at home. The article also shows where to look for Anita's tablet at the temple: