Thursday, October 21, 2010

10.21.2010 - News

FBA: Late Autumn (4/10)
Lifeless cross-national romance set in the US is a pointless remake of a South Korean classic.
FBA: Thirteen Assassins (Japan) (9/10)
It's a major shame that a decision was taken to make an "international version" that is 17 minutes shorter.

CRI: 'Buddha Mountain' Poster Released
"Buddha Mountain" revolves around a retired Peking Opera singer, played by Sylvia Chang, and her young tenants, played by Fan Bingbing, Chen Po-Lin and Fei Long.

Francis Ng - Wind Blast

Duan Yihong

Duan Yihong

Product placements draw laughs at preview screenings of Wind Blast in Shanghai and Xi'an. Besides prominently featuring a vehicle brand (Jeep?) in the story, the camera lingers over billboards for a medicinal product that is used in a joke later on. The Shanghai screening was cut short when the film caught fire during projection. Talk about a hot film! Some viewers up to that point complained that the story was unclear in the opening ten minutes and that having eight major players was too much. The Hollywood-like 'Chinese western' was both praised and criticized as imitative by the audience.
(Sina), (Xinhua)

FBA: Emperor output deal with Celestial
Celestial Pictures and Emperor Motion Pictures have signed an output deal putting Emperor’s movie slate on the Celestial Movies pay-TV channel in South East Asia.
FBA: Detective Dee beats Wall Street - Box Office Summary

CNNGo: Movies we want to see at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (Thanks, to duriandave)
A documentary on Johnnie To, Hong Kong's prolific creator of films across genres, but best known for his action crime thrillers that have earned him a strong cult following internationally. The documentary was shot by French filmmaker, critic and journalist Yves Montmayeur who followed To for three years, capturing his insight on filmmaking.

Law Kar-Ying, Jiang Chao

Bruce Leung Siu-Lung, Jiang Chao
Bruce Leung, Law Kar-Ying, and Jiang Chao have begun filming Shentong Fo Ying based on at true story of the restitution of a stolen Buddha's head to a temple in Shandong. With elements of action and suspense, the film emphasizes the importance of cultural preservation. This marks the third film collaboration between Law Kar-Ying and Jiang Chao. Law Kar-Ying denied rumors that he was joining the cast of Stephen Chow's new Journey to the West. (Sina), 2

Expect to see Tony Leung and Zhou Xun pair up and Jay Chou partnering Andy Lau in this magic fever

Monica Mok (Mo Xiaoqi) plays Harlem Yu's partner in the just begun Mr. and Mrs. Single

(Oct.19) World Premiere of The Star and The Sea (The Musician) at the Hawaii International Film Festival

Directors Xiao Guiyun, Li Qiankuan

"Aloha" from Vivian Hsu

Vivian Hsu meets the Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle 

(Oct.18) Vivian Hsu romps on the beach in Hawaii

(Oct.20) Lin Chi-Ling appearing in Shanghai for Godiva

Gao Yuanyuan graces the November cover of Cosmopolitan

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