Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Single - Launch Conference

(Oct.19) Patrick Kong (Yip Lim-Sum) led the Beijing launch conference for a workplace comedy, Mr. and Mrs. Single. The cast includes Eason Chan, Harlem Yu, Bai Bing, and Rene Liu. Eason Chan and Bai Bing play husband and wife, Rene Liu is his boss, a perfume company executive and Harlem Yu has the role of a playboy. The hot topic of secret marriages is at the center of the story. The film is adapted from a theatrical production of the same name and a May 2011 release is planned.

Director Patrick Kong

Eason Chan

Bai Bing
Harlem Yu

Rene Liu

Other cast members
Chen Hao

Harlem Yu, Rene Liu, Eason Chan

Eason Chan, Bai Bing

Group photo
Theatrical poster

(Sina), 2, 3, (ChinaDaily)

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