Friday, October 22, 2010

10.22.2010 - News

TaipeiTimes: The Fourth Portrait
After winning the Best Feature Film award at this year’s Taipei Film Festival, ‘The Fourth Portrait’ is ready for the upcoming Golden Horse Awards, with nominations in seven categories.

CRI:  Huang Xiaoming Teams Up with Angelababy in New Film
Huang Xiaoming and Hong Kong model Angelababy will co-star in the film "A Sentimental Story," reports.
The film entitled "Yi Chang Feng Hua Xue Yue De Shi" in Chinese is being directed by Gao Qunshu who shot "The Message" and "Wind Blast."
Hong Kong kicks off film fest with China focus, AFP
The seventh annual Hong Kong Asian Film Festival features more than 60 independently-made films from across Asia, but this year it will shine a spotlight on the work of Chinese directors, organisers said.

Hong Kong director Barbara Wong has never worked in Hollywood, but you might not know that from watching her new film. “Perfect Wedding” seems right at home among Hollywood romantic comedies like “Runaway Bride” and “The Wedding Planner.”

FBA: Josie Ho runs with The Courier
ScreenDaily: Rourke, Ho join cast of Hany Abu-Assad’s The Courier
Mickey Rourke and Josie Ho have joined Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Til Schweiger in the cast of Arclight Films’ action thriller The Courier which started shooting in Louisiana this week...The Courier revolves around an international carrier who delivers things to people who can’t, or don’t want, to be reached. Ho plays a woman with a mysterious past whom the courier meets.
Josie Ho 

Husband Conroy Chan has accompanied Josie Ho to the set everyday. Does it have to do with the fact that Josie has a bed scene with Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

Latest Late Autumn poster

Cecilia Cheung has joined the cast of the Jackie Chan-produced, Frankie Chan-directed Yang Women Generals/14 Amazons! This makes the third film that Ceci has signed up for, besides Dynamic Angel/Race Car with Jimmy Lin, Tang Wei and Rene Liu and Raymond Wong's Lunar New Year film All's Well End's Well 2011. This role will be considerably more challenging as she plays the key role of Mu Guiying. It has been previously played by Ivy Ling Po and Liza Wang in previous versions. Ceci is also reported to have agreed to a guest cameo in Stephen Chow's New Journey to the West. (Sina) (Xinhua), 2, 3
MSN: Cecilia Cheung takes up Jackie Chan movie
Mu Guiying: Chinese Woman Warrior
“Her swinging sword flashes like nine falling suns shot by Yet the legendary bowman; she moves with the force of a team of Dragons driven by the gods through the sky; her strokes and attacks are like those of terrible thunder; and when she stops all is still as water reflecting the clear moonlight.”

Cecilia Cheung imagined as Mu Guiying

Liza Wang
Ivy Ling Po
Frankie Chan Fan-Kei

Stills from Zhang Jiarui's thriller Distant Thunder
Guo Xiaoran, Huo Siyan

Mani Fok to the rescue?
Emperor's super manager Mani Fok and so-called "bomb expert" has been recalled from the US where she was on leave to handle the Charlene Choi-William Chan Wai-Ting (Sa-Ting) affair. The publicity stunt/romance has had unintended effects requiring Mani to come back to handle matters. Since it came to light, the Sa-Ting Love has raised the popularity of William Chan  but is not popular with Twins fans. Chan is said to be a playboy and Charlene has been accused of bad taste. Chan is alleged to have  had many 'pedal boats', including Gillian Chung causing a secret rift between the singing duo in the past. Mani is said to have had private communications with Chan and the Twins to discuss how to handle events. The Twins are scheduled to hold a concert in Macau in November. (Sina)

Edison Chen attending an Adidas event will be releasing two new songs tomorrow
Edison will be performing at the East Asia All Stars Concert in Shanghai with Anthony Wong and Sammi Cheng for support in his return to the stage. Edison and Sammi recorded a new version of Mr Sandman on his new album.

Invitation to Jordan Chan-Cherrie Ying 50 table wedding banquet

MSN: Tony Leung is “Property King”
MSN: Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse’s love woes in Year of Rabbit
Four famous Hong Kong Feng shui masters look into 2011, year of the Rabbit, and predict that both Andy and Nicholas will face troubles in love


Glenn, kenixfan said...

I don't know what's a worse idea: remaking The 14 Amazons in the first place or letting Frankie Chan direct it?

After watching one of his flicks for Cherie Chung week, the guy -- at least in the 1980s -- seemed to have graduated from the Ed Wood school of directing.

Still, good luck to Ceci on her comeback.

Anonymous said...

I don't object to a remake of The 14 Amazons. It's not like the Shaw film was a Citizen Kane. It's an old story that can bear retelling.

However, the choice of Frankie Chan as director is indeed a little troubling. It would be a shame to see such a strong line-up of dramatic actresses not used to their best advantage.

dleedlee said...

Sounds like there are at least two other version currently in the works. Ronny Yu is directing one of them, or maybe it's a different one. :D

Besides, I gather that the story is epic enough for a lot of different versions.

Dave, Yu So-Chau has played the role too, in the '60s.

dleedlee said...

re: Frankie Chan
He stepped in after Ronny Yu was canned. Ronny Yu then went on to another production. 9.1.2010