Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10.13.2010 - News

Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le!
Congratulations to the Chilean miners and their rescuers for a job well done! Hope all continues to go well and the rescue concludes successfully.

FBA: The Old Donkey (老驢頭) China (5/10)
Strikingly shot peasant drama is cramped by slow, arty direction.
Latest film from director of Tears of the Black Tiger

FBA: Double Edge sells western to the West (Treasure Hunter)
"We're thrilled to the bone that our deal includes a widespread theatrical release in urban USA."

Simon Yam, Anita Yuen and Peter Ho were among the few famous faces at the opening show.

Chinese film ads dating back to 1917 part of 10-day exhibit
Also receiving the award was Darcy Paquet, founder of and correspondent for Screen International. Paquet founded his website in 1999. Originally from the U.S. state of Massachusetts, he has lived in Korea since 1997.

Directors face hurdles for Asian independent cinema
In Hong Kong, filmmakers are eagerly eyeing the mainland. Derek Tsang, who co-directed the romantic omnibus “Lover’s Discourse” with Jimmy Wan, sees the surrounding province of Guangdong as a huge market where Cantonese is used. “Over there we can have our own Cantonese version screening,” he said. \

Zhou Dongyu

Zhou Dongyu, Shawn Dou Xiao
The two stars of Under the Hawthorn Tree attended a film discusssion forum meeting with students at Hong Kong's Baptist University. Besides talking about the film, Zhou Dongyu said that she regretted not being able to visit Disneyland this time due to her heavy publicity schedule. (Sina)

Liu Hua and Guo Tao celebrate at the premiere on Don Quixote

Charlene Choi
Charlene Choi promoting her new CD Beauty Remains. Gossip circulating the Hong Kong tabloids is suggesting Charlene's relationship with William Chan Wai-Ting began while he was still dating AngelaBaby and Charlene was not yet divorced from husband Ronald Cheng. Reportedly, the pair had a secret flat in Hung Hom going back over a year. Angelababy posted a message on her weibo, "Do you really believe they have only been dating three months?" which was later deleted. For her part, Charlene posted yesterday on her weibo that she was very tired, going to bed early and preparing for the next day's gossip. Today, "Sleep .. tomorrow will be better! Remember the words I said today "
Tabloid photos 

Faye Wong - Harper's Bazaar

The Philippine leadership has been told to show some backbone as Hong Kong's government declared itself "disappointed" by the response to the killing of eight tourists.


FashionableAsians said...

I was so surprised when Charlene and Will made their relationship public... why does it already look like it's gonna end? Such a publicity stunt SMH William just seems like he would be a douchey bf, he's just too pretty boy not to be lol

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Ah Sa and Faye Wong both look great here.

Seriously, that quote about Treasure Hunter is just laughable. No one in HK wanted to see the flick except little girls in love with Jay Chou; why would anyone in America want to see that film?

Even if Jay Chou's Green Hornet is a hit, Treasure Hunter is a tough sell to any American audience. The theaters showing it in HK last New Year's Eve weren't even half-full. Just ridiculous that that film gets distribution and better films don't even make it here.

Walter said...

I'm glad that the Chilean miners are all coming out of there fine. Look forward to seeing everyone out of there. :)

I agree with kenifxfan - why do movies like "Treasure Hunter" make it over to the US when better films don't (or even if they do, they have an extremely limited release)?

dleedlee said...

Yeah, too bad Treasure Hunter is so bad, or so I've read. The distributors probably got it very cheaply. Maybe, they hope Green Hornet's a hit and they'll can ride on it's coattails afterwards. Jay Chou has been on a cold streak lately.

re: Charlene-William
He seems a bit too young for her (25 vs 29 years old?).
It's only a few days old and already it's impossible to keep up with. Could be a publicity stunt (does Charlene need it -- she's a PR machine), but one theory I've seen speculates that Charlene and/or William went public was to admit to a 3 month relationship so as to deflect from a much longer affair. Another piece of gossip has Gillian involved with young Will at some point, too. :D