Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Love Clinic - Posters

The mainland comedy The Love Clinic features Guo Tao, Hu Jing, Ada Choi, Kingdom Yuen is directed by Wang Ning. The publicity materials reflect the movie's theme of love as 'maintenance'. The film's title is literally, Love Maintenance Station.

Guo Tao

Hu Jing



Anonymous said...

Glad to see they make wacky comedies on the mainland, too. I especially love the giant pink power drill.

dleedlee said...

There's plenty of comedies being made but, unfortunately, the gatekeepers only release a narrow range of pre-defined art house exotica and wuxia films to Western audiences. :(

It doesn't help that Chinese distributors don't release enough DVDs with English subs. C'mon fire up your soft power, China!

And Where's the love for Who Killed Paul the Octopus? or Watch Out For the Bear? Hell's bells, has Hollywood made a film about parkour like City Monkey, yet?