Friday, October 29, 2010

10.29.2010 - News

FBA: Break Up Club review (4/10)

FBA: Bad Blood review (6/10)
Mainland martial artist Jiang Luxia shines in a low-budget action movie.
Over-long but finally rewarding drama centred on a teenage daughter in a dysfunctional family.
Messy Thai super-hero movie sledge-hammers the viewer into submission.
CRI: Faye Wong Stages Comeback Show in Beijing

Andy Lau's younger brother, Lau Tak-Sing
Andy's low profile brother is involved in post-production for Andy's film. In addition, his real estate partnerships with Andy has reaped handsome returns. Andy also has a younger sister.
Plans to work on the Andrew Lau-produced Jay Chou-directed Initial D 2 next year.Edison is also considering a Mainland and Taiwan concert tour. Edison was in Beijing for a fashion event.

Kelly Chen performing at a recent sailing event

CRI: Barbie Hsu Engaged to Wealthy Restaurateur
Wang, who is five years younger than Hsu, is executive director of South Beauty (Qiao Jiangnan), a high-end restaurant chain in China. He is the only son of the company's founder and president, Zhang Lan. Wang had just ended a relationship with actress Zhang Yuqi.
MSN: Barbie Hsu engaged to Taiwanese millionaireTaiwan actress Barbie Hsu engaged
GlobalTimes: Confirmed! Barbie Hsu snatches wealthy and handsome fiancé
While attending a test screening of a film starring Zhang Yuqi, I heard her confess that she couldn't pay a penalty for breaking her agent's contract, which was hard to believe considering Wang's wealth. I now know that their relationship ended as long as six months ago, shortly after they were spotted canoodling at the airport and that's why Wang wouldn't pay for Zhang.


Walter said...

Wow, Barbie Hsu certainly didn't waste any time going from "the right person for me can be from any country" to "I'm engaged" within a couple of weeks (it seems anyway).

dleedlee said...

When Cupid strikes, true love doesn't need a calendar. :D