Friday, October 8, 2010

Late Autumn - Pusan Press Conference

(Oct. 8) Tang Wei, Hyun Bin and director Kim Tae-Yong held a press conference for Late Autumn. Reporters asked why Tang Wei walked the red carpet alone last night at the opening ceremony. Tang Wei said Hyun Bin stood her up. Tang Wei said she tried to grab Director Kim but he was hiding. Director Kim explained that Tang Wei tried to drag him on but Kim said that only Hyun Bin and Tang Wei were supposed to walk the red carpet. However, Hyun Bin was stuck in traffic and arrived too late, only after Tang Wei had already made her entrance. Hyun Bin was very apologetic and Tang Wei pretended to be unforgiving and pouted playfully. If there was a next time, Hyun Bin said he would surely attend with her.

(Sina), 2

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Walter said...

always nice to see more pics of Tang Wei. :)