Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10.6.2010 - News

According to this report, Stephen Chow has invited Ethan Ruan to play the Monkey King and Aarif Lee Chi-Ting (Aarif Rahman) to portray the Tang Monk in his upcoming New Journey to the West (Journey to the West Enchantment of Tripitaka). Filming is planned to begin in February. (21cn)

FBA: Baihe (百合) (6/10)
Modest but solid migrant-worker drama, with a striking performance by Chinese newcomer Wang Zitong.

Chow Yun-Fat - The Founding of a Party

Chow Yun-Fat has begun shooting his part as China's first President, Yuan Shikai
Hou Yong (front)
Zhao Benshan, Feng Gong
Feng Gong
Director Ning Hao is recruiting new actors online for a free training course for a future film.

Josie Ho leaving the set of Contagion for the day.
Nick Cheung's wife, Esther Kwan, is thought to be pregnant. Besides shopping for clothes for her daughter, Esther was spotted looking at newborn clothing. Hong Kong media reports that she recently underwent artificial insemination procedures but Nick has denied this.

More photos from Kiki Seung Tin-Ngo's wedding banquet
Margie Tsang, Tony Leung's long-time girlfriend during his TVB years, Carina Lau

Acting course classmates: Lawrence Ng, Lau Ching-Wan, Michael Tao Dai-Yue, Sandra Ng, Margie Tsang, Carina Lau

Speaking at a Milan fashion show on Sunday, the actress hinted at the reason behind her delayed pregnancy - she preferred to live a life of enjoyment.
The home boasts a magnificent sea view and a 37,000 square meters outdoor garden. It was also constructed out of premium raw materials only.


Walter said...

Chow Yun-Fat is very classy - a couple of autograph collectors waited outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles where he was eating; apparently he noticed and when he was finished eating, he had the restaurant employee summon the two collectors into the restaurant to sit with him and sign autographs. :)

I know a couple of women who think Carina Lau is the luckiest woman in the world to be married to Tony Leung because he's stayed with her through the good and bad times.

Isabella Leong's house - wood grain is definitely subjective to a person's tastes. Some people love the patterns (burl walnut, etc...), whereas some do not. Personally, I know that the fancy patterned grain is often less common than the straight grain, so I prefer it.

walnut burl

dleedlee said...

re: CYF, I've never heard a bad word about him. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy from all accounts.

re: Lau-Leung, Don't understand this marriage. Carina seems to have browbeat Tony into it but she doesn't act like she really wants to be married, at least according to the tabloids. A conundrum.

re: Isabella, She sounds like she's gotten used to living La Vida Rica. So what, I'm jealous. :D

Diana said...

Carina Lau: As I recall the stated reason for getting married at that time was that Carina's mom was worried she would never see grandchildren from them. Maybe they are tired of the "baby watch" by the media.

dleedlee said...

Thanks, Diana, for reminding me. I sort of recall that now. Well, Carina doesn't seem interested (in having a baby) anymore. And, truthfully, I can't see Carina in mother mode. :0 She's going to be 45 this year!

Likewise, seeing Esther Kwan, at 46, possible pregnant again -- that's really late!