Saturday, October 2, 2010

10.2.2010 - News

FBA: Beach Spike puts on a wrap
Detective Dee: Big-budget 'wuxia' meets Agatha Christie

FBA: Golden Horse looks inward
Golden Horse nominations major categories. Full list.
Tang Wei up for Golden Horse
Nominated Best Supporting Actor, Actress
Best Supporting Actress, Zhang Jingchu (Aftershock) and Best Supporting Actor, Nicholas Tse (Bodyguards and Assassins) (Sina), 2

Cecilia Cheung is reported to be joining Tang Wei in Jingle Ma's film Dynamic Angel (reported as Race Car by CRI). Rene Liu and Han Jae-Seok are also cast in the South Korean coproduction. Cecilia will start after wrapping Raymond Wong's Lunar New Year film (lit. Wedding is the Strongest Thing). Jingle Ma directed Cecilia in Fly Me to Polaris to help launch her career. Tang Wei will be attending the upcoming Pusan International Film Festival this week to support Late Autumn. (Xinhua), (Sina)

Spoooky poster for The Island

Speaking of Bai Ling,
Milwaukee: International actress Bai Ling joins local film production, Petty Cash

"My hot hot shooting in Milwaukee, what a wonderful time I am having here, what wonderful production and sweet people I am working with, what a joy and gift, so much love I am receiving......
I call Milwaukee milk town cause so many cows in the distance..."

Carrie Ng on set of Calvin Poon's Derailed Women

Edison Chen, grateful for support of girlfriend Vincy Yeung
Karen Mok performed in a Macau concert for the Asian Games
Gigi Leung sang in a Hong Kong concert celebrating China's National Day. Other artists included Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Priscilla Chan. (Xinhua)

More photos of Carina Lau getting the VIP treatment at the Ferragamo-owned Lungarno Hotel.

Elaine Ng's daughter
Rumors have been circulating that Jackie Chan has not been paying child support and that is the reason Elaine Ng returned to Hong Kong to do promotional work.

Carol Zhu
Hong Kong tabloids report that Andy Lau's wife, now 44 years old, is 3 months pregnant. Two newly hired bodyguards have been seen accompanying Carol according to reports. 


Walter said...

That's good news for Tang Wei, but I don't think the storyline for "Crossing Hennessy" gave her enough of an opportunity to show off her acting ability.

Bai Ling... ***shudder*** (okay, at least she did do a nice job in "Red Corner" and I haven't seen her in "Anna and the King" nor in "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow".). I guess her off screen behavior is what I find so bizarre about her - her weird singing (you see that on, her frequently nipple slips for photographers, and her belief that she sees three spirits / fairies who tell her what to do. (okay, I admit - just because I don't see them, doesn't mean they don't exist).

dleedlee said...

"It's an honor, just to be nominated." :D

I think Bai Ling is crazy and out there, somewhere but in a good-weird way. She's a plucky gal.

"Give my driver a bottle of votca at 3:30am asked him not 2 drink while he is driving, he is nice mike, but before he left he took a camera out said: if I don't do this my wife will be so mad she is big fan. Then he snap a picture. Wow picture at 3:33am aswome!!!..... But I am landing in Detroit, but why Detroit????????" :D

Walter said...

Oh, I do need to add that a penpal of mine met Bai Ling at one of the Star Wars Celebration conventions (since technically she was in "Revenge of the Sith" but had her scenes deleted). She (the penpal) said Bai Ling was funny (in a humorous sense not in a strange way) and friendly. :)

dleedlee said...

Hah, hah, I forgot about her Star Wars connection. Something about a Playboy shoot, wasn't it. As if George Lucas hasn't whored himself out time and time again. (The latest being the 3D Star Wars announcement.)

Glad to hear your penpal's encounter with Bai Ling was a good one. Not surprised to hear that she's friendly, though.