Monday, October 25, 2010

10.25.2010 - News

THR: The Piano in a Factory review
A light though tad melancholy comedy set in a fading factory town in northeastern China.
THR: A Better Tomorrow review
Variety: The Drunkard review
"The Drunkard" reps a sincere if uneven adaptation of Chinese author Liu Yichang's celebrated 1963 novel about a middle-aged writer whose artistic ideals evaporate in a fog of booze and dames.
FBA: All About Love (5/10)
Gender-reversal, "lesbian" comedy is let down by a lack of style and clumsy script.
FBA: The King of Fighters (4/10)
Gordon Chan directs international cast in video game adaptation.

Hong Konger Ho plays Anna, a woman with a mysterious past who meets the daredevil international delivery man of the film's title (Morgan) during what may be his last drop, to someone who may, or may not, exist.
Chinese film officials heralding a cinema revival not seen since the 1930s.
With Hong Kongers firmly established in the mainland, Hollywood studios are homing in. Where 10 years ago it was Sony Pictures and five years ago it was Warner Bros. leading Hollywood's China charge, now it's Fox and Disney working on their co-production chops.

CRI: 'Wind Blast' Gets Starry Premiere
Guests attending to lend support included Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Yibai, Ma Liwen, Huang Bo, Huo Siyan, Song Jia, Zhang Yang and Zhang Guoqiang.
Charlie Young, Xia Yu
Francis Ng

Ma Su

Jeet Kune Do poster
Jeet Kune Do opens Nov. 16 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Bruce Lee's birthday. The film stars Chen Tian-Sing and includes Wu Ma and Bruce Leung Siu-Lung. Billy Chan Wui-Ngai, frequent action director for many of Bruce Lee's films, is the executive producer.

World's first 3D sex film attracts Chinese tourists to Hong Kong
Producer Stephen Shiu told the newspaper he had already been approached by six travel agents who wanted to arrange private screenings and "meet and greet" sessions with cast members.

CRI: 'Color Me. Love' Postpones Release Date
The original October 28 release date had been pushed ahead to November 5, because of unexpected post-production work.
But it was reported that some film industry insiders suggested the movie failed to pass a review by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television because of a nude scene.

Liu Ye, Yao Chen

A 3D DVD version of Feng Xiaogang's The Assembly (2008) is planned for Europe. A German company in cooperation with Huayi Brothers plans to release it in Europe where the film is still popular. (Sina)

Jia Zhangke awarded Best Documentary prize for I Wish I Knew at HIFF

With Hollywood producer Chris Lee

[Many articles are now recalling Anthony Wong's controversial remarks he made in the spring about unprofessional Mainland crews and deadly working conditions. At the time, his costar Tse Kwan-Ho was burned in the face while filming the TV series Secret History of the Yang Family. (Xinhua) ]

MSN: Kenny Bee will not marry girlfriend
CRI: Gong Li Walks the Red Carpet at China Fashion Week (Sina)

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