Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zhang Jiarui's Distant Thunder - Premiere Press Conference

(Oct.20) At the Beijing press conference for the premiere, actress Huo Siyan denied rumors that a nude scene was deleted from the film but she said that she would not object to shooting such a scene if it was necessary. Earlier trailers showed that there might have been a bold scene. Director Zhang Jiarui said in his previous films, Red River had many deleted scenes and The Road had 18 deleted scenes. Distant Thunder, a suspense thriller involving a love triangle, had only 2 deleted scenes for language and did not affect the integrity of the film according to director Zhang. Zhang said that the film had a Hitchcock-style suspense and Freudian dream analysis dealing with on issues of sexual repression and social polarization. Distant Thunder premiered at the HKIFF with a Cat. III rating.

Director Zhang Jiarui

Huo Siyan

Ge Siran

Guo Xiaoran
Ge Siran, Huo Siyan, Guo Xiaoran

Huo Siyan

Huo Siyan, Zhang Jiarui

Ge Siran, Huo Siyan

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