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10.24.2010 - News

Seriously injured
Selina (S.H.E.)
Yu Hao Ming

Selina (Selina Ren), of girl group S.H.E., and Yu Hao Ming suffered 3rd degree burns while filming the TV series I Have a Date With Spring in Shanghai. A scene went awry when a planned sequence of explosions went off simultaneously instead. Yu Hao Ming was more seriously burned with 3rd degree burns on 35 percent of his body affected. After emergency treatment in a Shanghai hospital, Selina was flown to Taiwan in a chartered medical airplane for skin graft surgery to her hands, feet and back. Yu Hao Ming suffered burns to his back, legs and arms.  His injuries were more severe because his body shielded the blast from Selina. Selina was recently engaged and planned to wed early next year. Yu Hao Ming, 22 years old, made his debut in the 2007 Hunan TV talent show 'Happy Boys'. The morning of the shoot, Oct. 22, Yu posted on his blog, "Today a good morning, today we shoot an explosion scene a little dangerous, hope everything goes right. (Xinhua)2, 3, 4 (Sina)2

Who Killed Octopus Paul? has a title change and is now called Kill Octopus Paul. In addition, the release is delayed until November. (Sina)

THR: Tokyo Fest Attempts to Overcome China-Japan Tensions
Zhang Ziyi and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai cancelled their planned visits to Tokyo due to Chinese netizen protests. Fan Bingbing was 'oo busy filming in South Korea. Vivian Hsu and Mark Chao You-Ting also cancelled. (Sina), (Xinhua)
GlobalTimes: China quits Tokyo film fest

THR: Beijing Officials, Chinese Film Industry Leaders to Attend U.S.-China Film Summit
Speakers from the Chinese delegation include Zhang Xun, president of CFCC; Yang Hongtao, president of the Ningxia Film Group; Wang Tianyun, vice president of Shanghai Film Group; Su Xiaowei, "Aftershock" writer and deputy director of the SARFT Script Center; Wang Zhongjun, chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Corp, China's only listed major film studio; Yu Dong, president of PolyBona Film Distribution Co; Wang Lifeng, president of Xing Xing Digital Corp; Zhang Zhao, president of Enlight Media; and Zhou Tiedong, president of China Film Promotion International.

(Oct. 23) 60th anniversary of Beijing Film Academy. Graduates attending the event included Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Chen Kun. Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Fengyi, Jiang Wenli (Xinhua-gallery)

Pang Ho-Cheung hopes to land Zhou Xun for his next film Spoiled Woman Best Life. He also expressed interest in filming a sequel to Love in a Puff. (Sina)

Let the Bullets Fly is now in post-production. Besides a Mandarin version, there is reportedly a Sichuan version being made (as that is where the story is located). Dubbing is being done by Ge You, Chen Kun, Liao Fan, Shao Bing and Zhou Yun. Comic actor Xu Fan served as the dialect coach. (Sina)

Tokyo International Film Festival
Sylvia Chang answers audience questions at the world premiere of Buddha Mountain
Wilson Chen Bo-Lin

Vivian Hsu


Vivian Hsu at the premiere of Juliets in Tokyo

Ethan Ruan at the Monga screening in Tokyo

Derek Chiu and cast of Road Less Travelled: Louis Koo, Huang Yi, Karen Mok

Huang Yi

Huang Yi, Louis Koo, Karen Mok
The cast of Derek Chiu's Road Less Travelled meet the media in Shanghai for the release of the theme song MV sung by Karen Mok. The Derek Yee-produced film is scheduled for a January 1 release. (Sina)

Karena Lam, Kayla

Ming Pao reports that Karena Lam gave birth to a baby girl last week in Vancouver. During labor, Kayla's heart rate dropped precipitously and she was delivered with the umbilical cord around her neck. Karena Lam will give up show business to concentrate on raising her daughter according to an interview with Ming Pao. Daddy, Steve Yuen Kim-Wai was present to cut the umblical cord.

GlobalTimes: Unearthing the early days of Dawada, a diva with a heavenly voice

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