Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10.26.2010 - News

THR: Peaceful ‘Buddha’ Bow
Taiwan-China Co-Prod. Rises Above Politics
The world premiere of director Li Yu’s China-Taiwan co-production Buddha Mountain spooled without a hitch Sunday in competition at the Tokyo International Film Festival, proving that once in a while the culture of filmmaking can trump both sticky cross-Straits politics and past squabbles with China media authorities.

The Bottom Line: Love is not rosy in this romantic omnibus sporting sexy, flowery styles.
Variety: The Intruder (Thailand)
Killer cobras create carnage in "The Intruder," a lively exploiter pitting trapped residents of a Bangkok apartment block against an army of angry asps.

CNNGo: Lover's Discourse' star Kay Tse has a secret crush
The romantic flick focuses on the intersection of six love stories. Tse portrays a shy laundry girl who has a secret crush on one of her customers.
CRI: Cecilia Cheung Is Back at Work on Three Films
CRI: Chen Kun's 'Bullets' Look
Photo stills featuring actor Chen Kun in the upcoming gangster movie "Let the Bullets Fly" have been released.
As a result, the public release of the movie will be postponed to next year, probably around Valentine's Day.

Kung Fu Wing Chun poster

Poster for preview of Kung Fu Wing Chun
Joe Cheung Tung-Cho's martial arts story features romance and comedy which opens Nov. 2. The cast includes veterans Collin Chou, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu and Kara Hui besides Bai Jing and Yu Shaoqun in the leads.

Lost in Panic Room nee Hidden Chamber of Secrets opens Oct. 29
Alec Su and Pace Wu star in the thriller

Stills from Alan Mak and Felix Wong's Lost Bladesman
Andy On Chi-Kit

Wind Blast promotion takes Francis Ng to Shanghai

Fan Bingbing has dropped out of The Founding of a Party due to conflict with the shooting schedule for her South Korean film My Way (Sina)

Follow up on the East Asia All Star Concert in Shanghai: Typhoon Megi was responsible for the wet look on stage, not a production design element of the show. Denise Ho complained about the lack of available umbrellas, dancers slipped on the wet stage, and Edison Chen looked like a drowned rat. Other artists simply muddled through.
Soaked Sammi Cheng

Eyewitnesses said that Jen's clothes were on fire and she was screaming "It burns! It burns!" immediately after the explosion.
Yu on the other hand, appeared to be in shock and had a glazed look in his eyes as the production crew rushed forward to help the still-smouldering pair.
Speculation was rife that the television drama's production company would replace Jen and Yu and resume filming. The rumours riled fans, who took to the Internet slamming the producers for being heartless.
Taiwanese director Chen Ming-chang has come out to address the issue on his microblog, stressing that the crew will wait for the condition of the two actors to improve before checking with them whether they would resume their roles. Only if they decline to return, wrote Chen, would they consider replacing the actors.

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