Friday, March 11, 2011

3.11.2011 - News

CRI: First Look at "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan"
Just when it looked as if the days of distinctively Hong Kong movies were numbered, along comes a gritty new crime drama that is Hong Kong through and through.

Poster for Wong Jing's Men Suddenly in Love
Cast includes Chapman to, Jim Chim, Chrissie Chau, Eric Tsang and Wong Jing

Big Big Man poster
Ng Man-Tat stars in the film described as a clash of HK mo lei tau and hot Sichuan-style comedy. The film premiered in Chengdu on March 8 with a general release on the 11th.
Ng Man-Tat

Yang Lele

Stills from The Lost Bladesman featuring Shao Bing, Jiang Wen and Dong Yong
Shao Bing, Jiang Wen
Shao Bing
Dong Yong
Dong Yong, Jiang Wen

Liu Yifei
Chao Deng
Liu Yifei, having finished A Chinese Fairy Tale, will join Chao Deng, Ronald Cheng and Anthony Wong and shortly start working on Gordon Chan's next film (lit. Four Marshals). (Sina)

Zhou Dongyu, Dou Xiao - Taipei

The duo appeared at a press conference to promote the upcoming premiere of Under the Hawthorn Tree (Xinhua-gallery), (Sina-gallery)

Stanley Ho

Stanley Ho issued a statement declaring that the four party family dispute had reached an agreement and conclusion. Details were not contained in the joint declaration. Four points: 1) the law suit in high court had been dropped, 2) an agreement among the parties was signed on March 8., 3) each family member will continue to  work for the betterment of the shareholders, SJM, Macau, Hong Kong and the motherland, 4) we thank friends for their caring support and successful resolution and thank the community for their tolerance and understanding. In addition, Stanley Ho was quieted discharged from the hospital where he had been undergoing evaluation for the past 16 days. (Xinhua), 2

Joey Wang shoe shopping again in Canada
Once again, a netizen posted photos of Joey Wang shoe shopping. Shortly after the New Year, 44 year-old Joey was spotted shopping for shoes during the holidays. The article notes that Joey was wearing the same coat both times. (Sina)(Xinhua), (Xinhua-January)

Sammi Cheng, Selina, Ella
MSN: Zhang Ziyi reconciles with Erik Fok? (Xinhua)
The Chinese actress was recently spotting having a cup of coffee with her ex-beau, Erik Fok Kai Shan
Zhang Ziyi no longer wearing Vivi's "pigeon egg" engagement ring (Xinhua)

The pair decided to work things out between them and hope to get married by the end of this year
The nervy singer apparently gained 20kg after binge-eating the past month

Of local interest only but too good not to post. 
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder is an asshole (for those who didn't already know)


Walter said...

I'd guess that Zhang Ziyi IS dating her former bf. :)

That's too bad Cece is so worried and stressed out that she's eating so much. You do have to keep an eye on your husband when you marry a "bad boy".

Even those Taiwanese animators know about Dan Synder? He's going to find out that without the support from the fans, he's going to running a sinking ship.

dleedlee said...

Thing is, does Nic have a reputation for fooling around? Maybe it's Ceci projecting. Wasn't one of the reasons for having a second child because she was afraid of losing Nic? After all, there were those gossipy rumours that Lucas' father is really Edison? 80

dleedlee said...

I'd guess that Zhang Ziyi IS dating her former bf. :)

Oh yeah, I wonder if she kept the ring? :D