Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3.29.2011 - News

OT: In Japan, disaster coverage is measured, not breathless (WPost)
Nice article in yesterday's paper on NHK's coverage
For the past two weeks, NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, has covered a triple disaster, appraising the damage with the help of 14 helicopters, 67 broadcasting vans and virtually no adjectives...And another
OT: In China, microblogging sites become free-speech platform (WPost)
In a country where most media are controlled by the state, information is heavily censored and free-flowing opinions are sharply constricted, Chinese have turned to a new platform to openly exchange unfettered news and views: microblogs, similar to Twitter...
A1: Japan relief album tops iTunes charts in 18 nations

THR: New NYU Shanghai Campus to Offer Film, Acting Classes
CRI: Stanley Huang Joins Xu Jinglei Again for New Film

Anthony Wong plays a blind boss of a bar in Andrew Lau's Beautiful Life
He also plays a matchmaker to Shu Qi and Liu Ye

Jing Tian sings the theme song in the MV for Warring States

MSN: Kelly Lin lost sleep before wedding
During the wedding ceremony, Kelly wore a specially-designed toga wedding dress. Good friend Shu Qi helped to hold her long skirt, take photos and even dry Kelly's tears.
Kelly Lin, Chris Young (Yang Chen)

The media notes the groom's resemblance to Michael Wong

Kelly, Shu Qi
Friends, relatives, Shu Qi

MSN: Gaile Lok acknowledges pregnancy
Gaile appeared more plump than usual. When reporters asked if she was pregnant, the usually truthful Gaile replied, "I wouldn't answer you this time," hinting that she is already pregnant.

In a recent interview, Selina's fiancé Richard Chang revealed that the singer's assistant had filmed the entire ordeal.
He was filming his latest movie Reversal War in Jordan with Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse when current instability in Libya halted filming. The movie is said to have moved its set to Malaysia.

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