Friday, March 11, 2011

Fan Bingbing in Paris - Middle East Edition

More photos of Fan Bingbing's assault on Paris, here, described as Middle Eastern princess attending the Elie Saab show. (Mar.9)

(Sina), (Xinhua), (Zimbio)


duriandave said...

That's a great look for Fan Bingbing. I can't think of many other actresses who could carry it off.

dleedlee said...

I've been surprised, myself. Besides the purple cheongsam - a bit too much for the venue, Fan Bingbing has looked pretty good.

ewaffle said...

She looks great in that last picture--actually relaxed a bit. The marcelled hair and the flapperish sequined is perfect for her.

Must agree with duriandave--that Elie Saab haute couture ensemble would be extremely challenging for almost anyone else.