Friday, March 11, 2011

Kelly Chen Has Miscarriage

Sad news today, Kelly Chen posted a statement on her blog that she'd lost her two twins due to a miscarriage, (roughly):

Life is most difficult experience...

Their best efforts, the two daughters has not been able to live together with us. The doctor said there is no particular reason. Thanks to all hospital doctors, nurses and medical care to me carefully, encouragement and comfort.

Please do not worry, I'll rest, to be ready, he will talk to you to meet. Thank you for always blessing me!

Kelly who was 5 months pregnant is currently recuperating at Queen Mary Hospital. (Sina)

In addition to prayers for the victims of the Japanese earthquake, condolences from friends to Kelly have begun appearing on Weibo. Below, one from Gigi Leung.

Kelly miscarriage heard the news, sad for a while, hard to level clothes ... probably because my brother and I are twins, know two little lives together from the womb, are healthy and true to the world is not easy to do ... I and his brother is a lucky couple. Kelly, I hope you can be strong in paradise ... a pair of little angels will always protect you. Bless you! 
(Thanks to Joyce for relaying me the news)


Walter said...

Oh... that is sad news for Kelly. :(

Diana said...

It is always sad to hear of a loss like this, especially at 5 months. The later in the pregnancy, the harder it is to get over. My sister-in-law lost twins past the midway stage too, it was very hard on her and my brother.

dleedlee said...

Diana, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I don't know of any words that can be said that can be of solace.

For Kelly, I hope the press gives her some space. It's hard enough without being under the fisheye scrutiny of the media.

Diana said...

Thanks dleedlee. Actually it was quite a long time ago and they have successfully have had two children since then so there is a happy ending which I hope Kelly has as well. I share your hope that the media stays respectful of her and the family.

dleedlee said...

Thanks for the follow up about your sister!