Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3.15.2011 - News

 Pray for more rescues and reunions in the wake of the Sendai Earthquake.

Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi have been named the image ambassadors for the inaugural Beijing International Film Festival. The festival runs from April 23 to 28.
"Lets pretend Rush Hour 2 didn't happen, okay?"
"What happens on the set, remains on the set."

Jackie's 47th birthday (2001)

CRI: Zhang Yuqi Looks Stunning in New Film
Zhang Yuqi's latest film "Dao Jian Xiao", or "The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman" will hit theaters on March 17. (Xinhua)
(Mar.15) Red carpet photos for premiere of The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman. Zhang Yuqi did not attended as previously announced. Masanobu Ando who lives in the Sendai earthquake region sent word that he was safe and thanks his fans.
Chen Kuofu, Wuershan, Chen Kun
Wuershan and cast
Character actor You Benchang (right)

Xiong Xinxin (Hung Yan-Yan)
Guest Cui Jian
Chen Kun
Xu Zheng

Well-shot airforce picture has more drama in the skies than on the ground.
The film was previously known under the English title Sky Fighters[Aaargh, so confusing!]

The Lotus Action Asia went to Yuen Woo-ping for True Legend.

During a ceremony to mark the end of principle photography for "Priceless Treasure" on Saturday, the "Future X-Cops" director let slip that Cheung has her own household goods business while husband Tse runs one of the biggest post production companies in Hong Kong.

"Post-production work for virtually all the advertisements and films in Hong Kong are done by [Tse's] company. Very few people outside the industry know this but every industry player knows."

Poster for Stand By Me
Li Chen (left)

Film debut for soft model Shen Fangxi now based in Hong Kong

Joe Ma's mainland-produced Stand By Me (lit. Struggle) opens April 2. It is a sequel to a 2005 TV series about the 80's generation. (Sina), 2 (Mop)

Lee Kin-Yan in the upcoming Mr. Zhai, opening April 1.
The romantic comedy features Kenny Bee, Patrick Tam and Stephy Tang. (Sina)

Qin Hao has been announced as having joined the cast of Zhang Yimou's Nanjing Heroes. He will play one of six soldiers. (Sina)

The Piano in a Factory won the Best International Film at the Miami Film Festival (Sina)

Guangzhou - Simon Yam, Huang Shengyi, Wei Zi
The Man Behind the Courthouse Yard cast takes a hammer to piracy
March 15 was declared 315 Consumer Protection Day

March 14 - Zhao Wei looks great
Singing for the audience

Appearing in Dongguan with other celebrities like Alan Tam, Lui Fong, Feng Xiaogang, Jonathan Lee, Chen Lu Yu and Shang Wenjie for a furniture brand sponsored show, Zhao Wei showed off  the results of her successful weight loss regimen. Recently, Zhao Wei happily celebrated her 35th birthday with her husband dispelling any divorce rumours. (Sina), 2, (Xinhua-gallery)

Rene Liu - Mr. and Mrs. Single
HP product placement?
No Man's Land
Despite a reported April 20 release date, no promotional materials, posters, etc have appeared leading some to wonder will Ning Hao's highly anticipated film will actually be seen or not. (Sina)
The Law of Attraction features the song, Creep, by Radiohead

After 176 e-mails with the director and producer, the rights to include the British band's song in the film was obtained. The band is highly popular in China and the song is used both in the film and during the ending credits. Director Zhao Tianyu said that the song was an inspiration since his college days and also for the his script. Because the song copyrights are jointly owned by EMI, Universal and Warner, the negotiations were complicated. Ultimately, the band's representatives, CAA, thought that it would be a good opportunity to promote the band.
Radiohead  (Sina)

The media had "unethically" scoured through the rubbish bin to find her draft.
It is believed that during the process of reconciliation, Sammi had promised to fulfill Andy's desire to be a father.
It is believed that Jay was in the office editing a music video when Hannah was seen entering the building. The next day, the singer left for Jordan, where he is currently filming Reversal War.


Anonymous said...

LOL... thanks for dredging up those pictures of Jackie and Zhang Ziyi. BTW, who was the latest starlet he was carousing with? I seem to remember you posted some pics about that recently.

RE: Piano in a Factory
I saw it this weekend at the SFIAFF. I liked it but thought it could have been better. It's kind of an arthouse-lite musical comedy, with hints of Jia Zhangke and Crazy Stone. One reviewer who liked it said that he'd never seen a Chinese movie like it before. Well, I didn't find it that novel, but there's a lot to like about it. I just wish the film had a little more dramatic depth, especially around the father-daughter relationship, which is the impetus for the film's story.

Finally, thanks for the flower blossoms. It's a nice reminder to remain hopeful amidst the doom and gloom.

dleedlee said...

BTW, who was the latest starlet he was carousing with? I seem to remember you posted some pics about that recently.

You're probably thinking about Lin Peng. Some have noticed her in the company of son Jaycee, too, if I recall correctly. Interesting how she appears in his productions. ;D

I really want to see Piano in a Factory!

thanks for the flower blossoms. It's a nice reminder to remain hopeful amidst the doom and gloom.

It's cherry blossom season here so it's naturally on my mind. Also, they say, cherry blossoms serve to remind us of the temporal nature of beauty and life.