Friday, March 4, 2011

Faye Wong - Hong Kong Concert, Looking Fayebulous!

Photos from Faye's 1st show in Hong Kong, March 4.

Wow! Must admit, after the reports from the Beijing concerts about Faye being singing a bit out of tune, hints of a money grab, etc, I had lost some interest in Faye's return to stage. But seeing these images, I have higher hopes that she's back to her previous form. Also, check out the videos at Faye Wong Today.

Carina Lau

And a few from Weibo...

Flower bouquet from Carina Lau

(Sina-more, more, more)


ewaffle said...

Love the pictures.

Faye Wong could have missed half her high notes and the audience still have gotten their money's worth just in costume changes.

dleedlee said...

I'll be curious to hear how the press reviews. I have an inkling her Cantonese was a little rusty. Hopefully, nothing any worse than that.