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3.24.2011 - News

AP Interview: 'Farewell My Concubine' director denies he traded artistic integrity for success
Chen [Kaige] said "Sacrifice" will be released in the U.S. in the second half of the year. Its Japanese release, originally scheduled for May, will likely be delayed by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

FBA: Golden age forecast for China business (Nasdaq: Bona)

CRI: 'Hawthorn Tree' Girl to Lead Stanley Kwan's Film
Zhou Dongyu, the starlet in Zhang Yimou's drama "Under the Hawthorn Tree", has been cast as a lead for Stanley Kwan's upcoming romantic film, "Ta De Guo" ("His Kingdom"), according to the Guangzhou Daily.

CRI: Liu Ye Promotes 'He-Man' Premiere
Chinese actor Liu Ye, who has portrayed a Forrest Gump-like character in the action-crime film "The Underdog Knight" and its sequel, says he'd like to continue the role as long as he can.

Liu Ye, Zhang Zilin 

The Man in the Courtyard House
Now a psychological crime drama? 

Law of Attraction poster - Rainbow edition

The sequel to Ang Lee's Eat Drink, Man Woman will feature Blue Lan, Huo Siyan and Rose Kuei (Gua Ah-Lei) it was announced this week in Hong Kong. Taiwanese filmmaker Tsao Jui-yuan (Love’s Lone Flower, 2005) will direct the $3m (RMB20m) drama which, like the original, centers on an old master chef and the love stories of his three daughters.This time, the chef is a mainland Chinese chef based in Hangzhou City in East China [played by Kenneth Tsang]. Shooting will start in Hangzhou on April 6 and will shift to Taipei starting in early May. The film should open in Taiwan and the mainland in Nov. (ScreenDaily)

Blue Lan 
Huo Siyan, Blue Lan

Mo Xiaoqi, Harlem Yu

Mo Xiaoqi (Monica Mok)
Mo Xiaoqi and Harlem Yu costar with Eason Chan and Rene Liu in Mr. and Mrs. Single

Former Olympic diver Tian Liang
Tian Liang plays Liu Ye's autistic brother in Beautiful Life

MSN: Wang Xiaofei: Make a wish for our daughter
The Chinese millionaire’s words at the wedding fuelled yet another round of pregnancy rumours
The journalists had been restless since yesterday when they lost the scoop to Hsu's wedding guests, who gave a virtual 'live telecast' of the event with their camera phones and micro-blog posts. (Xinhua)

MSN: Gaile Lok rumoured to be pregnant again
Gaile Lok at a recent spring/summer fashion show in HK

MSN: Raymond Lam rumoured to have proposed to girlfriend, CNA: Raymond Lam lied about breakup?
A1: Raymond Lam's ex Mavis Pan is married
According to a netizen, she wed a Caucasian man known only as John in 2009, and their relationship got started with the help of Malaysian singer-songwriter, Eric Moo. (Related article)
Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang, John and his son

The building has been featured in several films and TV series over the years. In Enter the Dragon, it can be seen both on the black and white composite photo used to represent Han's Island during Lee's briefing with Braithewaite, and as a long shot as Lee enters Han's island. (Wikipedia)

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